29 August 2011

Another week in the country of Argentina! The weather is starting to warm up so it´s getting really nice and it feels too much like California so I´m stoked hah. I can´t beleive this mes is reaching an end. It really goes by too fast and I feel like it will only go by faster. So I´ll just start from the top of the week and finish with a Miracle that we had this week!

Basically we worked really hard this week and I love President Carter. He´s such a great man and President. First before jumping ahead my companion and I had to go down to Captial again so he could start on his paper work to be legal in the country. Again we were able to take the subway downtown and it was awesome like always! I love downtown and it was crazy going down there with the new missionaries and having to translate for them. It makes me realize how far I have come in the language and the mission. After doing the paperwork we went it eat some lunch at Subway and the lady workers behind the counter were laughing at us because we haven´t seen bacon in like 17 months so it was pretty funny. I can´t wait to go back and show you down town, it is amazing! I´ll show you guys some pictures. The mall felt like America 100% but with Argentina European people.. jaja. After that we headed back on the subway, train and back to Padua. In the night we had a great lesson with our investigators and his kids. Then Friday came, the conference of Zone so we had to wake up at 5:30 and take colds showers because our stupid water heated is sketchy but we made it on a over stuffed train. I´ll paint a picture for you guys how crazy it is. Just think of the down stairs bathroom but with 30 people in it. You literally have to fight to get out at your stop hah. It´s craazzy. So we made it to conference and we had a great time! I love the counsle that president has for us and he is changing the mission and I love it. We are focused on talking with more people and relying more on the Lord and working hard! There is a lot of focuses and I like it. I recieved a super awesome birthday gift from the President and his Wife. They are studs!

Friday night was awesome! So right now we are able to play futbol with our investigators and we had 5 investigators come to the activity. So as long as there are investigatores we are set. They all loved it! Saturday we had an activity with the Qoroun of the Elderes and we ate chorripan and they played futbol! It was rad. I love how everyone is really good a futbol here and they really know how to cook meat hah! Overall a super day but it gets even better.

During the week we talked with a lady on the street with her daugther. It wasn´t anything special but we were able to write down their direccion and we ended up passing by Saturday. They let us in like they already knew us and we sat down in the house with the Mom and the daughter of 12 years. It ends up she said when she talked to us in the street she knew we weren´t send from God for her and her family. She talked with the missionaries over 16 years ago but even since nothing has happened. So talking with her was so spiritual. She is going through a really hard time with her health and family. They are a family of 8 children. The lesson was super spiritual and I could feel the spirit so strongly in the lesson. I had the impression to promise her if she came to church she would recieve blessings from our Heavenly Father. It just came to my mind during the time and she told us she will try. We told them we would pass by in the morning and she said we will see but I told her, if you have the faith it will work out. We passed by in the morning and the mother and daughter both came out ready to go to church! They are such studs and I knew she wasn´t feeling good but she came anyways. We headed to church in a remis and at the end of church we gave her a blessing. She was super impressed on how everyone cared for her and the daughter is stoked to come to mutual this friday to play some soccer! The 18 year old daugther wasn´t able to come but she want´s to come next week! I really have a testimony that heavenly father puts people in our path so we can be instruments in his hands. It is one of the many miracles that I have seen on my mission. It´s the best feeling ever. I want to help this family so much.

I´ve found to be obedient to the Lord, Work hard and be real. Its the truth!

At church we were able to bring 7 investigators and we had the confirmation of Rodrigo!

Today we went to Merlo to buy some stuff and I bought some Jerseys for super cheep and I am ready to play some futbol this week. I´m getting a lot better. I can´t wait to come back and be an addict to Futbol and Baseball. I can imagen Uncle Gary and I going crazy over Futbol! Aguante Boca!

This keyboard is so sketchy but I do what I can. Tonight we have a Family Night and we are going to make some brownies! I´m stoked

Off to another hard working week

Love you Fam!
Keep it real!

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