24 October 2011

Instead of writing about the week I should be writing about the day haha. Well we started the day off playing futbol here in Padua so it´s been a good day from the start then we ate some very chewy milanesas. After that we got back to the pench and ran off to do internet right now and we realized we don´t have money haha. Good thing we have a good realation with the owner of the cyber and he said we can pay him back later. He´s dope

Well this past week has been a full week! It´s hard to think right now becuase I have a killer headache and I´ve been sick the last couple of days but I got some good medication from an investigator that is in the medicine field. Good stuff! They are going to have a baby in 2 months so we were able to see the video in 4D from the ultrasound and they are stoked that I will be here in Argentina to see it! I can´t wait to come back and visit this family. We are going to be baptising their two sons this weekend and eventually the father after the paper work getings all worked out with his wife. I´m not a fan of 3 year divorce waiting periods...

So this is probably my last week here in Padua because the transfer is going to be over on the 3rd of Noviembre.. don´t know why but the bumped it up a few days so can´t do anything about that. I have a good interview with President too! Right off the bat he said ¨What has gotten into you Elder Shepherd¨... I sat there stunned like... what did I do wrong?! but he said you have torn it up in the last 4 months and has seen a growth as an Elder... Dope! He says he has plans for me so we will see what we are going to do.

Elder Nesbit is doing great. He´s probably one of my best friends now he´s a stud. Reminds me a lot of the relationship Cage and I have. We got some good things going for the future...

Well thats about it! Just another week in the mission. It´s starting to heat up so I´m down but when it´s dead summer it´s going be horrible!

Love you guys,

17 October 2011

Well, thanks for the letter. I appreciate hearing from you guys every week! It has been a busy week here in San Antonio de Padua and all the work we have been doing has paid off! We were the only zone out of four to complete with all the goals of the mision for the week. We were able to have 5 people come to church and we have 6 people that have dates to be baptized. I´m super excited but I know during this time we need to work even harder to make sure these people reach the waters of baptism.

We meet a super awesome lady called Mirian through a reference from a member. We had some trouble finding her but everything worked out and we had a lesson in her house and she really got emocional and loved the message. She even came to church yesterday and she took it all in and I can´t wait to pass by this week. A couple members are studs and welcomed her really well and made her feel welcomed. It was pretty cringing because in our two classes we had the topics of Tithing and Patriarcal Blessings.. lol.. super awesome classes for a new investigator. I know everything will work out and the most important thing is that she will feel the spirit. It´ll all be good.

We have some pretty funny pictures to show you guys hah just a busy week with funny things. I really believe Argetinos are afriand of rain. We were walking passed a school and with the mist everyone was running to their cares and the kids were putting the hands up like the ¨mist¨ would kill them. It was super funny and one of those moments you just had to be there to experience the glory of it. Elder Nesbit and I already have some super funny inside jokes and I´m sure he will be one of my good friends for life. He´s a stud and growing everyday and his spanish is improving really well. It´s crazy to think I was there 15 months ago... time flys!

I hope I get some letters next week. We have interviews with President and I´m always stoked to meet with him and to see how I can improve. I think this is my last transfer here but we will see. I only have 3 transfers left after this transfer! Stoked and Bumbed at the same time. This mission is the best.

03 October 2011

Well I don´t have to much time to write today sorry!! But it´s been an awesome and also let down week. I had planes for so many people to come to the conference but it seems like everyone found themselves in a situation and were not able to come. Besides that we found an amazing man who loves church!! His name is Carlos and when we were on division with Elder Barrios from Columbia we found him in the patio and just started talking and he let us in his house. We started talking about lesson two and he was stoked to come to church this weekend. The next time we passed by with a member his house was super clean and he had the table set with the folleto of lesson 2 on the table. He was ready to hear more! He has a fetcha for the 23rd of October. We have 5 people planned to be baptized this month so we are working hard with them. The division with Elder Barrios was super fun and hilarious. I love that guy and he told me that I need to come to Bogota and visit him. He´s planning to study in the states too. On friday night we brought 7 investigators to the activity and played football, made pizza and everyone got to know eachother. It was sweet! Conference weekend was the best. I really got a lot out of this conference and I am pretty sad to thing how this will be my last conference as a missionary. Understanding spanish seems perfectly normal now and I felt I got more out of conference watching it in spanish than ingles. Funny stuff. For me this conference was ment for us to become better people with our morals and decision. We need to step up and not become in the world. I have many talks that I can apply to investigators.

Today we played some football with about 9 other elders here in Padua. I need to buy some new shoes. My vans don´t hold up anymore and I almost broke my big toe nail again. So I´ll probably have to buy some new shoes. We found some kittens in front of the church while leaving. Two super cute guys and of coarse with my soft side we had to take them to the pench and we are looking to see if a member can take them because we cannot have pets lol. Besides that it has been a great week. I´m still stressing about our investigators.. I love them so much that it hurts to not see them progress and accept the gospel. Sometimes we have to realize it is in the lords time and not ours but we have to keep loving and doing all we can. We have a family that came about a month ago but ever since they have been busy but sometimes they are able to come to mutual with us. They fit in perfectly but the mother is sick and that complicates a lot of things. We just have to keep working harder... and be guided by the spirit.

Many investigators are progressing and we are really being blessed. Elder Nesbit is a stud and I love serving with him. He´ll be one of my best friends after the mission for sure.

Love you guys,