26 September 2011

I can´t believe it is another week in the mission. Time goes by way to fast. So looking back at the week I was really happy at the progress of the people that we have in the area. We had a miracle at church this weekend. Having a super workfilled day this saturday we found some amazing people and with one of them they were really stoked to come to church. It ends up that her cousin is a member in another ward pretty close to here and she came with him. The funny thing she is a Megadeth and Iron Maiden fan, it was pretty funny haha. We passed by her store and taught her a quick lesson and she loved it and came to church. Sweet.

The family that we are working with are still having troubles coming to church but the kids are coming to the activities like Futbol. They are super awesome and just sundays are really hard for them so we are going to be working super hard with them to help them come to church. They were going to get baptized over 4 years ago but something just came up and now I know we found them again to have them be in the church.

One of our investigators still comes to church but doesn´t see the need to be baptized. She´s 17 so I wouldn´t really understand it either but the mom says it too so it convinces the daughter even more. The mom has really opened up with us. We met her about 2 months ago and now we are having our second family night in her house tomorrow! She loves us now and she has a kiosco and everytime we pass by she gives us food and stuff. They always wait for us to pass by haha. The only bad thing they are starting to work on sundays but we are working things out so another family member can watch the store!! It´s pretty gnarly hah the daughter plays Call of Duty on the computer sometimes so that was a kick.

So yeah we have a lot of Progress in the area. We have an interview with President Wednesday with an investigator that needs to wait 3 years to get divorced so I hope everything works out. I´m sure President is going to put goals with him but I am praying he will be able to help speed up the process of the paper work. It´s pretty crazy how it takes so long to get divorced so I understand more how people don´t want to get married!

Well Love you guys and have a great conference.

19 September 2011

Well it´s been a normal week in the mission hah. Probably the highlight of these week was how Elder Aidukaitis came and visited the mission. We had a conference with him this week and it was really good. I remember how last year he came and gave the mission a little shake up and make us want to do better if you catch my drift hah. I only had 3 weeks in the mission field back then but now I had the same opporunity when I have 18 months. I really took it in a lot more and he gave us great counsil and we felt the spirit imensly. He just makes you want to work harder and harder. He still wants us to baptize every week and we said we will do it!

We worked really hard to bring our investigators to church this week but it was one of those weeks that everything just didn´t work out at the end. You can only give your best and let everything else work out the way it should. Sometimes as missionaries we don´t put ourselves in the shoes of our investigators but we just have to keep on giving our love to them. I seriously love these people!!

This saturday we had a service project in Merlo at a hospital and it ended up being with the two stakes of Merlo and Marcos Paz so guess what I was able to see the members from Mariano Acosta! I saw the bishop´s family, Familia Diaz and more! When I walked in I came across Eli the daughter of the Bishops family waving at me and ran down and gave me a hug. I was so stoked to see them and I miss them so much! I realized how much they loved me and all the missionaries say the family always talk about me there.

This week we are just going to go nuts and talk with everyone hah. We are stoked to just find new people and work hard with the people we have. I´m enjoying the weather before it gets redic hot down here but I´m ready for another summer!

Just another week in the mission. We found the soccer ball that I accidently kicked over the fence of the church.. we were contemplating hoping the fence of the house to get it but then Heavenly Father didn´t want us to be stupid and sent a huge German Shepherd. We decided not to jump. Elder Nesbit is rad, one of my favorite comps for sure and he´s doing great. He´s from West Jordan Utah so you know mom.

Love you guys, keep it real

12 September 2011

Well it´s been a good week. I´m pretty much looking forward to the week right now because we are both stoked to work hard and to do our best. This last week seemed like everything has happened so that our investigators do not come to church but they are still super excited and animados to come to church this next week. Everything is going great here in Padua and it´s starting to heat up too. I´m looking forward to the summer time but at the same time as a missionary it´s pretty gnarly hot.

Our investigators are still studs and we will be working hard in order for them to be members in the church. Having the new program of the mission is amazing and it´s teaching me more than anything on how to be a better missionary too. I´m really excited for what is all to come.

We had to clean our pench really well today because Elder Audukietes is going to make some suprise inspections and we actually have a conference with him this week here in San Antonio de Padua. Today on P-day we played futbol with our district and that´s about it. I´m ready to go out and work and have a great week. One of my good friends from the mission here is in the zone. He´s from Bogata Columbia so Dad has to give me some slang to talk with him. I always call him a Lampara. He´s a super chill funny elder with a hard columbian accent.

We´ve ordered ice cream a lot lately and eating pretty well. I´m preparing myself for a hot summer when you drop a ton of weight hah.

That´s about it. Just ready for a new week and to tear it up.

Love you guys

05 September 2011

Just another great week in the mission. We´ve probably eaten more meat in one week than even in my mission. I have a awesome kid so I have to enjoy it. Actually this Saturday we had an asado with a person we met last week just talking with him in the street and he invited us over to have an asado. That´s how cool Argetinos are. We finished up eating and we invited him to the read the Book of Mormon. It was more of a eat and talk session and he loved that. At first he was pretty hard to get to but at the end he really opened up and wants to read the book of mormon. Aparently his best friend from La Plata served a mission in C√≥rdoba, so he already has a good connection with the Mormons. He gave us a lot of praise to be on the mission. So we ate really well! I love asados hah. For mutual we had two investigators come and they loved it and already have friends at the church. The family we are teaching weren´t able to come to church due to a birthday party but they are excited to come next week and to the activities of the church. We had a great lesson with all the family during the week and we challenged all of them to be baptized together and they all accepted! You could feel the spirit so much during that lesson. It´s an amazing family.

During church we had a miracle with an investigator coming by herself to church with a member friend. It was a shock and now she wants us to come by this Tuesday to have a Family Night and she really wants a change in her life. So the work is going great and my companion and I are really having a great time together. He reminds me a lot of cage with his personality and we pretty much enjoy the same stuff and music so I´m stoked about that. We are working hard together and I love being able to teach him and he´s really enjoying the mission and says that I´m a awesome Dad. So I´m happy.

Just looking forward to this week, I can´t wait to see the end results of all the hard work and I can´t believe I only have 6 months left in the mission. I´m stressin! I don´t want it to end. Also I´m not ready for the heat to come, even though right now it is perfect!

Love you guys!