12 September 2011

Well it´s been a good week. I´m pretty much looking forward to the week right now because we are both stoked to work hard and to do our best. This last week seemed like everything has happened so that our investigators do not come to church but they are still super excited and animados to come to church this next week. Everything is going great here in Padua and it´s starting to heat up too. I´m looking forward to the summer time but at the same time as a missionary it´s pretty gnarly hot.

Our investigators are still studs and we will be working hard in order for them to be members in the church. Having the new program of the mission is amazing and it´s teaching me more than anything on how to be a better missionary too. I´m really excited for what is all to come.

We had to clean our pench really well today because Elder Audukietes is going to make some suprise inspections and we actually have a conference with him this week here in San Antonio de Padua. Today on P-day we played futbol with our district and that´s about it. I´m ready to go out and work and have a great week. One of my good friends from the mission here is in the zone. He´s from Bogata Columbia so Dad has to give me some slang to talk with him. I always call him a Lampara. He´s a super chill funny elder with a hard columbian accent.

We´ve ordered ice cream a lot lately and eating pretty well. I´m preparing myself for a hot summer when you drop a ton of weight hah.

That´s about it. Just ready for a new week and to tear it up.

Love you guys

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