27 December 2010

Christmas in Argentina

What a blessing it was to call you guys on the phone! That was awesome! So I am pretty sure you guys want to know how Navidad passed here in Argentina. Well let's just say it is blazing hot and not that many people have decorations up but besides that it was amazing. We had to chance to visit a bunch of families, members and teach people the real importance of Christmas. Sometimes we get so caught up but I found that it is so much better to give than receive, especially something that you can´t tangibly hold on to...the Gospel. Well after an amazing dinner with Familia Garcete, we headed back to the pench and went to bed. The whole night you can hear fireworks and right at Midnight on Christmas Eve the whole country erupted with fireworks and M80´s going off everywhere. I felt like I was in the middle of World War 2. It was gnarly haha. Something I will never forget, and members told me that's not even close to the New Year's celebration. So I am looking forward to that. We had some miracles during this Christmas season, I´ve never seen members so generous as in this ward. We seriously walk by and they come out and yell at us to come in the house to drink something cold and to eat some cake hah. During the week we had a baptism of Yamila! She was baptized on the 23rd and confirmed this Sunday. It is amazing to see the gospel work in peoples lives and really change. She is one of the strongest changes I have seen in someone here in the mission. It just really tells you that the church is true over and over again and it makes you work harder to bring this blessing to other people. Just visiting people and spending Christmas in the street with people that are humble made my Christmas one of the best. It´s a bit different celebrating Christmas in the summer. Everywhere there is music playing and people outside enjoying the shade and drinking matte with the Family. It´s just a whole new culture and I love it. Then in the nights everyone is outside and enjoying time with friends, family and living life. That plus the Gospel equals what I want hah. I am just grateful for the chance to be here in Argentina. Even if the days are hard, being with someone 24/7, and having to leave things behind but it is all worth it to just be here with the people and teach them and see them enjoy the gospel and what it brings.

I miss you guys so much and it was great hearing your voices. Tell everyone thank you for the encouraging words and that I think about you guys all the time. When I talked to McKenna that made my whole year! I miss my bestfriend and little sister!

Elder Shepherd

20 December 2010

Christmas Wishes

Well I want to send a Christmas email to you guys telling you all how much I love you guys and miss you. When I came into the cyber I recieved a montón de cartas... oh wait, I should be typing in English hah. I got a lot of emails from family and friends and I really appreciated it. Thank you to everyone!

Well we had our P-day navidad today and everyone met in the offices to celebrate. This year was a bit more spiritual but never the less it was still fun and we got a lot out of it as missionaries. You really do have to realize the real meaning of Christmas which is our Savior Jesucristo. We had a gift exchange too and I recieved a mug which I guess will come to good use. Better than the Pan Dulce we had hah. Then we rushed back to the pench to do our emails to inform our family when we are going to call! So I am here right now letting you guys know that!!

Well the plan is that we are going to call at 12.00 so right at Lunch! Noon! I´ll be able to talk for 40 minutes maybe more depends.. I´ll be calling Soda's house!

Well I´m pretty excited to talk to you guys so my email is short this time but I want to let you guys know I love you all and thanks for all the emails from everyone. Remember how Christmas is a lot better when we give ourselves and do service for others and see how others grow. I have learned that so much here on my mission and during this time of the season. It is amazing to see the peace and hope the gospel brings into peoples lives. Remember the blessings we have because you don't realize what you have until they are gone!

Love you guys and can´t wait to talk to you at 12am !!!!

Elder Shepherd

13 December 2010

Well family what's up?

I can´t believe that it is almost Christmas? Time is flying here because it is hot and really I don't even realize that it is Christmas. There is only a few decorations here in Mariano Acosta but hopefully I will start hearing Christmas music! We had a stake activity with every ward bringing their own Christmas desserts. All the missionaries enjoyed some time with the stake for about 1 hour then we went back out to work and back to the pench! Well I have a new companion and this week has been a great week. We worked hard and guess what.. our baptism worked out perfectly! Lisette Diaz was baptized on the 11th of December and was confirmed a member on the 12th! It was an amazing baptism and I am so glad she has made the decision to be baptized and follow in the church. Her brother Eric is going to receive the priesthood too next week.

Well the week went great with the baptism. We also found a lot of new people to start working with, but of course it had to rain this Sunday!! So that means, everyone was scared and didn´t want to come to church! Brenda and Marcela still came! They seriously are members and Brenda is going to be baptized on 2 of January! I´m looking forward to the 23rd because Yamila and Marcos are going to be baptized then after their baptism we have a ward Christmas dinner!! Wooo I am stoked. This week our lunch list too got full of people. We have dinner for the 24th and lunch with the bishop on the 25th! I am excited to open up my Christmas gifts from the family!!!

Well I´m stoked from the baptism this week. I need to buy a thing to transfer my pictures from the SD card to the computer because I can´t find my cable anymore so next week I´ll send some pictures.

Thanks for everything and tell Soda thank you for the package!! I love it!


06 December 2010

Hey Family

Well right now I am enjoying the short time I have in the offices with A/C and emailing you guys. I spent the night here in The Offices. Its cool to see the backend of the mission.

Wow what a crazy week. Where do I start with this last week? Well last time I emailed I was in 9 de Julio for a little bit to stay there. Ended up I went to go work with Elder Baldomero in Chivilcoy for 3 days and I had a great time. We seriously worked really well together and had a great time. He is from Hawaii so he is already chill and a great guy. We tore it up with 24 lessons in 3 days and had some great lessons and sacked 2 fetchas with new people. His new companion is Elder LaTorre. But I had an amazing time in Chivilcoy and I am really wanting to go visit again someday. It really does feel like Southern California with a European accent. We had some great nights with empanadas, asados,and just talking about everything at night. Our window had a perfect view off the pizza resturant(that was super nice)and we just watched people hhah. Next I was sent back to 9 de Julio because Elder Baldomeros' companion returned. There it was me and 3 others elders and we had a blast too. I am sad to say but we didnt work a bunch because he was leaving and was visiting the people there. I got to know a lot of new people and for the 3 days that I was there I felt they took me in too. I already have a nickname and people that want to stay in contact. They all thought I was going to stay there but I told them I had to leave and head back to my area regular. I had a great time and I would love to go back to Campo.

Well Elder Bennett se va and I have a new companion right now who was the old secretary in the offices ( Elder Millard) so they just traded spots so I am excited to work with him in Mariano Acosta. We left in a hurry but I miss the people that we are teaching and we actually have a baptism this weekend and on Wednesday. I am hoping to make sure they all work out. I am pretty nervous to see how the future brings.

I was able to see Nelson Cisneros from Villa Celina in the transfer meetings. Hna. Cisneros made Milanesas for a bunch of missionaries and Nelson brought them and gave them to me to give to everyone. It was great seeing him but at the same time sad because I am not in that area anymore. I talked with Hna Cisneros on the phone of Nelson too, that was great. I really do miss them.

That's about it for the week. I can't explain everything because it was a great week but hopefully the fotos bring some actual proof from it. I received four packages at conference today!! Everyone was jealous hah. One from Soda and 3 from you guys. Thank you so much for sending me packages to support me.

Love you guys, enjoy this week and I will be talking with you guys in less thatn 20 days on the phone!!

Elder Shepherd