27 December 2010

Christmas in Argentina

What a blessing it was to call you guys on the phone! That was awesome! So I am pretty sure you guys want to know how Navidad passed here in Argentina. Well let's just say it is blazing hot and not that many people have decorations up but besides that it was amazing. We had to chance to visit a bunch of families, members and teach people the real importance of Christmas. Sometimes we get so caught up but I found that it is so much better to give than receive, especially something that you can´t tangibly hold on to...the Gospel. Well after an amazing dinner with Familia Garcete, we headed back to the pench and went to bed. The whole night you can hear fireworks and right at Midnight on Christmas Eve the whole country erupted with fireworks and M80´s going off everywhere. I felt like I was in the middle of World War 2. It was gnarly haha. Something I will never forget, and members told me that's not even close to the New Year's celebration. So I am looking forward to that. We had some miracles during this Christmas season, I´ve never seen members so generous as in this ward. We seriously walk by and they come out and yell at us to come in the house to drink something cold and to eat some cake hah. During the week we had a baptism of Yamila! She was baptized on the 23rd and confirmed this Sunday. It is amazing to see the gospel work in peoples lives and really change. She is one of the strongest changes I have seen in someone here in the mission. It just really tells you that the church is true over and over again and it makes you work harder to bring this blessing to other people. Just visiting people and spending Christmas in the street with people that are humble made my Christmas one of the best. It´s a bit different celebrating Christmas in the summer. Everywhere there is music playing and people outside enjoying the shade and drinking matte with the Family. It´s just a whole new culture and I love it. Then in the nights everyone is outside and enjoying time with friends, family and living life. That plus the Gospel equals what I want hah. I am just grateful for the chance to be here in Argentina. Even if the days are hard, being with someone 24/7, and having to leave things behind but it is all worth it to just be here with the people and teach them and see them enjoy the gospel and what it brings.

I miss you guys so much and it was great hearing your voices. Tell everyone thank you for the encouraging words and that I think about you guys all the time. When I talked to McKenna that made my whole year! I miss my bestfriend and little sister!

Elder Shepherd

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