03 January 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo! No Water?

Wow we are already in 2011! The time sure goes by really fast and will only go faster and faster. Having New Year's here in Argentina really is something different. Another night of no sleep due to the fireworks but it was awesome. I´ll have to send a video home but the file is too big. Well more stuff to look at when we get home right. Well this week we worked really hard and ended up at the top of our zone with a baptism. One of our investigators, Brenda, was baptized this weekend by her uncle from a different stake. He came all the way over from (?) and performed the baptism. It was a really special baptism because he was the only member in the family and he told us thank you for bringing his niece into the church, as well as his sister who will be baptized in the future but is waiting on a divorce. A lot of members came to the baptism including Familia Diaz, who is the best family ever here. Everything turned out great and we had a wonderful baptism for Brenda. A lot of investigators came to see the baptism and they all liked the church and hopefully had a seed planted in their hearts to come back and see more.

With working really hard this week we found a lot of miracles. One of the biggest changes I have seen is how working with members and having them give you references is the biggest change in the world. A whole new set of doors have opened up for us. We contacted 3 of our references from members and they are all now investigating the church or having other family members start to progress and have interest. We visited this one family from a reference who talked about his mother who was a member. We ended up passing by and found out she was one of the first members here in Mariano Acosta and part of her family aren't members. She told us thank you for coming to her house and bringing the spirit. We taught the whole family and the granddaughters who are 15 and they speak decent English for only studying in school. They said they want to come to church! Just so many doors have opened up to teaching new people. Including a family that is living with some members who are interested in the church. We had lunch and a mini lesson and they opened up! Milagros, the wife, came to church too and fits right in. I can´t wait to see what the future brings.

With hard work, miracles will come! Sooo haha, this week was full of work but also something else. Yeahh, we were without water for the whole week so every morning at 6.30 we went over to the chapel with buckets to shower ourselves and to have drinking water. Yeaaahhh, I am so thankful for a running showing now. The guy came and fixed the pump.. to get water from the ground.. and I had a awesome shower today on Pday... stoked! Well this ward is awesome especially our Obispo Viscarra, he seriously is a great man and loves to be involved in the ward. He cares so much and loves the missionaries that work hard. It is a blessing to be serving here in this ward. Everyone is amazing.

Well yeah thats about it. Just a week of hard working with the blessings that you can see. Another daughter entered into the waters of baptism and new people investigating the church. I hope everyone had a great new years. I loved talking with everyone on Christmas!!! Especially my Little Sister McKenna!

The weather is still redic, hot as ever but what are you going to do. You just get used to being uncomfortable haha. Oh yeah, the Internet Cafe is playing Oasis - Wonderwall.. ahh good stuff. Hope everything is great at home, miss you guys a ton and have a great New Year!

Keep it real!

Elder Shepherd

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