10 January 2011

Another week in Mariano Acosta....changes are coming

Hey Family!

Thanks for the email. Everything is going smoothly at home, and that is crazy what happened to Tyler. Hope he recovers well and wow they are having a baby in June?! Craazzyy.

Well this week in Mariano Acosta we worked hard again and had a lot of success! We on having lessons with members and references too. We ended up finding new people through members and we have a lot of new people to start working with. We had a awesome Family Night with a young couple in the ward and they ended up inviting their next door neighboor and her daughter. The daughter hadn't seen her mom for 30 years and were recently reunited during Christmas time. We had a great family night about The Family. The daughter came to church and is looking forward to hearing more and having us stop by. This week we had 8 people in church that are investigating. We still have to work on some marriage dates with some investigators but they will come! Milagros, a young mom living with a member family here wants to live with her family for time and eternity, so when we passed by she opened up and we had a short talk about the Temple and how important it is to live the gospel. She has already been to church 2 times so we just need to get that marirage date! Also during the week we were visiting some inactive families and found a 9 year old kid named Jorge who wanted to be baptized earlier in 2010 but then somehow fell off the face of the earth. We brought him to church with his older sister, who we went to see how things where. It is amazing how you find new people to teach, blessings and miracles through original plans that you make. Members make all the difference too. Working with members this week, we had a lot of people open up better and once they become friends with the members, it's a lot easier for them to progress and come to church. We have the best members here in Mariano Acosta that really do care for the Elders so much! Well with the investigators that we have, that's pretty much it. It feels like I wrote only 5% of what happened with them but it's hard to remember everything. We just have great potential ahead of us!

Transfers are coming up in a week and we got news that we are going to have 4 elders here in Mariano Acosta. So we are going to divide the area right down the middle. We dont know how it is going to work. If me and Elder Millard are going to stay together or the rumor is that I am going to be a trainer. I don´t know so we will see next week in the Email! Right now I am pretty stoked. I feel like I have the language down to a good point. It´s amazing to think I am living here in Argentina and I can talk to anybody and understand and communicate back!! I still have a long way to go. In an hour or so we are going to go play basketball with some 20 year old investigators that we have. They are really interested in America and have some interest in the Church. They love basketball and futbol so we are going to see how everything is. I feel confident that my basketball skills are better than theirs, but when it comes to futbol... yeah not even funny. They really do grow up with a soccer ball. I went to Lobos this week too for divisions. It rained over there so we got soaked and it was horrible... one of those days that you really don't want it to happen again on the mission. It is still super beautiful over there so I can´t wait to visit after the mission. I´m thankful for the water we have, it is amazing to have running water so do take it for granted!

This week it has been really nice. The temperature dropped but it is due to the rain storms everynow and then. It should rain tomorrow too but everyone is still waiting for the month straight of 38 degrees and blazing hot with humidity.

Well we had a great week. Next week should be interesting with the changes. It is going to help Mariano Acosta so I am happy. Hope everything is well back home and I miss you guys a lot. I heard there is a lot of snow (thanks global warming haha) so have fun with snowboarding and everything.

Love you guys!
Elder Shepherd

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