17 January 2011

How is everything back home?

We had our transfer meeting today and they split the area into two....Division A and Division B. Well me and Elder Millard are split up and I recieved my new companion Elder Gonzalez from Chile. He has about 6 months into the mission and is a pretty funny guy. So far it is going well. Elder Millard received a new companion, Elder Steele from Utah. We have three Yankees in the pench and one Chilean hah. I am still not sure what area I will be in but I am down for changes. Although this change I wish it could stay like it used to be. Spliting an area into two is hard because you loose half of an area with Members and Investigators. It´s like taking away some of your famil because I really do love all the people that we teach and especially the members! We have the best of both in the two areas so we will see... So off to a new transfer and I am ready to be the Senior Companion and lead our area to the top! During this last transfer Elder Millard and I did the best in our Zone so we got a special tie from President. (The best companionship stats-wise gets a Special tie from President at Transfer meeting). It was really cool and we were in the Top 10 for the Mission. A lot of my friends in the mission that entered with me are now moving to senior companion, trainer or district leaders, even one jumped up to zone leader, Elder Weiss, he´s a stud. I talked with Elder Bush too and we laugh at the fact that Mom and The Mom of Elder Bush are chatting it up on Email. It´s funny because we lived together for a couple of months. Small world right?!

Well this last week in Mariano Acosta was a good week. We had some killer lessons especially with Sandra. Everytime we teach her we are teaching at a member's house and she just wants to be baptized and believes that the Church is true. We teach her the Word of Wisdom and she has stopped drinking coffee and tea. She had the will power to do it too so I am stoked for that. She has her baptism date for next week. She even brought her niece to church too and she loved it! She has 11 years and we haven´t dropped the baptism question yet but she is so adorable and I am sure she would have the desires to baptize herself. She is starting to make friends in the church too! With other investigators we are just working hard to set dates for their baptism and to challenge them. We have an investigator named Angelica who wants to get baptized but guess what. Right when we had a killer lesson with a family, the next day she found work and she is working the end of the week right now!! Ahhh Satan is trying so hard it is annoying. We will try our hardest and keep praying hard. We have the same situation with another family that has the father working on Sundays but the wife is going to the church. Aldo and Milagros se llaman. She wants to get married in the Temple and have a family forever. The same with Aldo but he wants to learn more and first come to the church. We are working on trying to find new work for him or give him ideas to try to ask the Boss to give him Sunday off at least! It is so hard seeing people be ready to be baptized but having work stopping them from reaching this point in their life. We also have a 17 year old coming to church with us. We are teaching him the gospel and he loves Chess hah so sometimes we play with him. He came to church by himself this week. Haha a funny story we actualy went to look for him in a remis or ¨taxi¨ and we arrived at his house and found out that he already left to go to church. Right when we got there we saw him there in Sacrament Meeting! Funny thing was in the Remis, they either play Cumbia or American music. I heard a bit of Led Zep, some beatles and some new music in the states which killed me because it was the stuff I listen to right before the mission haha.

Well right now I am excited to be back in Mariano Acosta, still pretty bummed on the situation but you gotta go forward. We will see how it goes! Right now in the mission it's funny how you change from focusing on Castellano to start focusing on the planes and the area more. It is nice to have a solid base of Castellano and be able to talk to people without thinking. I remember those first few weeks of the mission... wow haha crazzzyy. I love you guys a lot! Until next week!

Elder Shepherd

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