29 November 2010

Flash Transfer

Well I just want to say Hello from 9 de Julio in Campo!

So much has happened in the last 24 hours. So here I go!

So after church on Sunday we went back to the pench to change our clothes back into street working clothes for the mission. Then out of nowhere the assistants call and told us that they are coming by in 3 hours to come pick us up. Elder Bennett is heading to the offices to be the new secretary of materials! So basically it´s a flash too because he has to go to the offices to train. So I was thinking I was going to get a new companion right away and keep working in Mariano Acosta, but they told me to pack enough stuff to last me a week! The thing is that we didn´t know anything until the assistants picked us up. So we left Maiano Acosta in a hurry and we are driving to centro and we get a call from the assistants again and I guess I am heading to a bus station!! So I took a double decker bus for 6 hours to a city called 9 de Julio! So right now, I am here in 9 de Julio in a computer cyber emailing you guys! What a 24 hours right???!?! I´m still kinda shell shocked but I´ve learned I'll be in a companionship with Elder Boldumero from Hawaii in this area. So for now I am out here in Campo for one week until transfers next Monday, at which time I will be assigned a new companion to start working with back in Mariano Acosta! So I´ll let you guys know how it goes this week! It´s going to be weird and excited I hope hah.

Well this last week in Mariano Acosta was pretty normal. We had a great investigator assistance in the church again. We hit 7 even with some of our strongest investigators having other obligations. But the best news is that our Investigators Yamila and Marcos got married this Thursday! They are officially married and are able to be baptized in the future. We have their set date on the 23 of december! It´s awesome. It´s amazing how much the gospel can change the lives of people. Marcos told us he really is happy and content with his life right now.

With that, I dont know what to write more besides the fact I am 6 hours away from Mariano Acosta hah but we werent able to get Turkey for Thanksgiving. We ended up eating some Oreos and that's about it. Life on the mission! I can´t wait till Christmas hah. I´ll probably upgrade to double stuffed oreos or something like that! I´m sure we are going to have a great dinner with a family here. The weather cooled down this week so that was nice. Instead of it being 32º and humid we had temps of 24º !! It´s the best blessing in the world haha! Well thats about it for the week. We had the chance to head to another area to do some interviews for the Sister Missionaries. I love riding the train there. It takes about 30 minutes but you def have time to think. On the way back it was just about sunset and it was amazing outside and I really felt how blessed I am to be a missionary right now. Times are hard, usually everyday is a challenge but it´s worth it. I´m almost hitting 9 months now. Time has flown and has been really slow... but thats life and you just have to keep going along. The Gospel is evverything and we are so blessed.

Love you guys, I´ll get my mail next week since this week is a crazy week but I´ll talk to you guys next week.

Elder Shepherd

22 November 2010

The Fireball

Well this week we had a dope weekend with 9 people in church with us as investigators! We were going to break 10 but two of our investigators had to go out of town to visit some family. So with 9 people in church with us that is awesome!

Bueno we worked hard this week to find some new people and we did. We found a family from Bolivia but are living in Argentina right now and their 17 old daughter (Kateryn) and cousin (Mateo) came with us to church this Sunday too. She is excited to go to some activities with the Young Women in the ward. We are so blessed to have a strong ward. We hit 130 people in church this week. Every auxilary helps, is strong and its the closest thing to an American Ward hah. Even with a strong ward we have been working hard because there is a lot of potential here in the area of Mariano Acosta. Some other great news is that Yamila and Marcos are getting married this week and they are planning to get baptized in December. They are so ready for the Gospel! The funny thing is that some of their family was baptized by Elder Bush and I heard stories about that family from Elder Bush and it ends up I am in the area right next to his old area teaching some of the other family! Small world! We also have another family we are teaching and their daughter is wanting to be baptized in two weeks! The mom isn´t able to be baptized yet but she is working on getting divorced and to casarse (get married) with her boyfriend that she is living with right now.

So we got a lot of investigators in our pool right now and its looking good for the future! On the other side of the news it is getting hot! It got up to 30º yesterday and humid and its only going to get hotter! We got to the pench last night and got up on the roof and saw the storm come in. Pretty rad but then it started to rain but we just chilled in the pench before bed. I went on divisions with the Zone Leaders Wednesday and something hilarious happened... well to me but he asked me to come over and light the oven and I did but he left the gas on a little too much and a huge fireball came out and a tad of my eyebrow is fried along with some arm hair, haha. Don't worry Mom, I'm all good just a little mission crazyness. Also we bought some slingshots from some kids in the street. Well he is actually a member but he's a street rat, hah. For 2 pesos we bought the ¨best slingshots in the world¨ I am proud to say I am officially funding the slingshot business of Buenos Aires. What's more? Maxi our dog is doing great and loving everytime we come home from a long day of work. That's about it for the excited part of the week. Not everyday is super exciting but that's about it!

Love you guys.

15 November 2010

Visit to Lobos

Sounds like everything is going normal at home. Nothing much to report here besides another week down in the mission. Another great week with 8 people in church and they are all progressing! Marcos and Yamila are solid and are excited for their marriage date and baptism too! Marcos is coming along, he's a bit harder but he prayed with us last night so that is a huge step! We also had our other families in the Church along with our other investigators. We have a planned baptism this week for Liset a 11 year old girl and the trick is that the dad supports her 100% but the mom still thinks she is too young so we will hopefully have it worked out. The work is going really well here in Mariano Acosta and things are just coming out of nowhere, especially references from members which are the best! We are finding a lot of new people and working with them to come to church because that is how they are going to progress! Can´t wait to see what the week brings.

Tuesday I had the chance to go to Lobos, this little town in the middle of nowhere for Divisions... it's like a 2 hour train ride all the way there. I was expecting a pretty country area but it is like a suppperr nice city in the middle of nowhere. It felt like I was in a Argentine version of downtown Park City hah. I'll attach a picture too. But I went on divisions with an Elder from Peru, Elder Zamorra and we killed it and had a great day! Today we headed over to Moreno and went to go buy stuff but since we are guys, we just walked all around and didn´t buy anything... got back on the train and came back to Mariano Acosta defeated... but we had a awesome Milanesa sandwhich, cleaned the pench and crashed during a thunderstorm. Now I am emailing!

That's about it for the week. Just another week in Mariano Acosta and loving it!

01 November 2010

Tormenta Blanca

Another week down in Mariano Acosta.

So it´s been a pretty interesting week and I guess I´ll start off on Tuesday were we had a Tormenta Blanca in another area with the Sister Missionaries. It´s pretty much all the Elders in our Zone go and work in one area for a day. That is why we call it a White Storm, haha. We did really well and they have a bunch of new people to teach and they are pretty excited. They recently got sent to their area and the two of them are brand new too so they had to start from scratch. Also Wednesday was a pretty funny day too. Census Day in Argetina and we had to stay in the pench until 5 in the afternoon!! It was soo boring but we had some fun playing baseball, fooling around with this stray dog that is pretty much ours now and of coarse sleeping. It was nice to catch up on sleeping but really you will never ever catch up on the amount of sleep we lose on the mission. We named it Census P-day! The lady came by, clapped and we got censused but she totally butchered my name but who cares hah. I went on divisions this Friday with another elder in Marcos Paz. He's actually from Colombia and his accent is thick! Elder Hernandez and it was a pretty bad day to work because it was Raining... Raining hard but we still went out and we got soaked... I mean I was drenched like I jumped into a pool. So that was a pretty fun experience when it was over and when I was completely dry hah. The rest of the week went normal, working with our investigators and I have some great news about two of our investigators! They recently sacked a date for their marriage without us knowing! And they are excited to be baptized too. Just have to wait until the 25th of this month and they will be married! They are seriously studs, Yanina and Marcos. They have been coming to church often and have been really progressing in the lessons that we have with them. It's awesome to see them really apply the gospel in their lives. The ward here is really involved with missionary work too. We had 3 hours of just missionary work this Sunday. Elder Bennett and I gave them class the first hour then the 2nd hour too. Sacrament was under control by the Bishopric. A future missionary gave a talk as well as the bishop and a few testimonies out of the crowd. It was a great Sunday, a bit stressful but when it was over it was a pretty American Sunday if you ask me.

Well the weather is starting to heat up, the work is going great here in Mariano Acosta. It´s humid too soo I can tell the summer is going to be hoorrrribbleee. I'm going to die but what can I do?! nothing hah. Today we made BBQ Chicken Pizza too! A little taste of America... then you realize that you are back in Argentina hah. Also for Halloween we made some Masks... because we are poor missionaries and we have nothing else to do and we are pretty limited in celebrating Halloween hah. This week we ate a lot... they seem to think we can eat infinite number of empanadas and milanessas... I'm still human and I actually don't want to gain weight hah. Besides that, another normal week in the Mission. I can't believe it is Novemember already... it's flying by but at the same time it is pretty long... especially when the days are hard.

Well Love you guys and can´t wait to hear from you next week.

Elder Shepherd