29 November 2010

Flash Transfer

Well I just want to say Hello from 9 de Julio in Campo!

So much has happened in the last 24 hours. So here I go!

So after church on Sunday we went back to the pench to change our clothes back into street working clothes for the mission. Then out of nowhere the assistants call and told us that they are coming by in 3 hours to come pick us up. Elder Bennett is heading to the offices to be the new secretary of materials! So basically it´s a flash too because he has to go to the offices to train. So I was thinking I was going to get a new companion right away and keep working in Mariano Acosta, but they told me to pack enough stuff to last me a week! The thing is that we didn´t know anything until the assistants picked us up. So we left Maiano Acosta in a hurry and we are driving to centro and we get a call from the assistants again and I guess I am heading to a bus station!! So I took a double decker bus for 6 hours to a city called 9 de Julio! So right now, I am here in 9 de Julio in a computer cyber emailing you guys! What a 24 hours right???!?! I´m still kinda shell shocked but I´ve learned I'll be in a companionship with Elder Boldumero from Hawaii in this area. So for now I am out here in Campo for one week until transfers next Monday, at which time I will be assigned a new companion to start working with back in Mariano Acosta! So I´ll let you guys know how it goes this week! It´s going to be weird and excited I hope hah.

Well this last week in Mariano Acosta was pretty normal. We had a great investigator assistance in the church again. We hit 7 even with some of our strongest investigators having other obligations. But the best news is that our Investigators Yamila and Marcos got married this Thursday! They are officially married and are able to be baptized in the future. We have their set date on the 23 of december! It´s awesome. It´s amazing how much the gospel can change the lives of people. Marcos told us he really is happy and content with his life right now.

With that, I dont know what to write more besides the fact I am 6 hours away from Mariano Acosta hah but we werent able to get Turkey for Thanksgiving. We ended up eating some Oreos and that's about it. Life on the mission! I can´t wait till Christmas hah. I´ll probably upgrade to double stuffed oreos or something like that! I´m sure we are going to have a great dinner with a family here. The weather cooled down this week so that was nice. Instead of it being 32º and humid we had temps of 24º !! It´s the best blessing in the world haha! Well thats about it for the week. We had the chance to head to another area to do some interviews for the Sister Missionaries. I love riding the train there. It takes about 30 minutes but you def have time to think. On the way back it was just about sunset and it was amazing outside and I really felt how blessed I am to be a missionary right now. Times are hard, usually everyday is a challenge but it´s worth it. I´m almost hitting 9 months now. Time has flown and has been really slow... but thats life and you just have to keep going along. The Gospel is evverything and we are so blessed.

Love you guys, I´ll get my mail next week since this week is a crazy week but I´ll talk to you guys next week.

Elder Shepherd

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