15 November 2010

Visit to Lobos

Sounds like everything is going normal at home. Nothing much to report here besides another week down in the mission. Another great week with 8 people in church and they are all progressing! Marcos and Yamila are solid and are excited for their marriage date and baptism too! Marcos is coming along, he's a bit harder but he prayed with us last night so that is a huge step! We also had our other families in the Church along with our other investigators. We have a planned baptism this week for Liset a 11 year old girl and the trick is that the dad supports her 100% but the mom still thinks she is too young so we will hopefully have it worked out. The work is going really well here in Mariano Acosta and things are just coming out of nowhere, especially references from members which are the best! We are finding a lot of new people and working with them to come to church because that is how they are going to progress! Can´t wait to see what the week brings.

Tuesday I had the chance to go to Lobos, this little town in the middle of nowhere for Divisions... it's like a 2 hour train ride all the way there. I was expecting a pretty country area but it is like a suppperr nice city in the middle of nowhere. It felt like I was in a Argentine version of downtown Park City hah. I'll attach a picture too. But I went on divisions with an Elder from Peru, Elder Zamorra and we killed it and had a great day! Today we headed over to Moreno and went to go buy stuff but since we are guys, we just walked all around and didn´t buy anything... got back on the train and came back to Mariano Acosta defeated... but we had a awesome Milanesa sandwhich, cleaned the pench and crashed during a thunderstorm. Now I am emailing!

That's about it for the week. Just another week in Mariano Acosta and loving it!

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