22 November 2010

The Fireball

Well this week we had a dope weekend with 9 people in church with us as investigators! We were going to break 10 but two of our investigators had to go out of town to visit some family. So with 9 people in church with us that is awesome!

Bueno we worked hard this week to find some new people and we did. We found a family from Bolivia but are living in Argentina right now and their 17 old daughter (Kateryn) and cousin (Mateo) came with us to church this Sunday too. She is excited to go to some activities with the Young Women in the ward. We are so blessed to have a strong ward. We hit 130 people in church this week. Every auxilary helps, is strong and its the closest thing to an American Ward hah. Even with a strong ward we have been working hard because there is a lot of potential here in the area of Mariano Acosta. Some other great news is that Yamila and Marcos are getting married this week and they are planning to get baptized in December. They are so ready for the Gospel! The funny thing is that some of their family was baptized by Elder Bush and I heard stories about that family from Elder Bush and it ends up I am in the area right next to his old area teaching some of the other family! Small world! We also have another family we are teaching and their daughter is wanting to be baptized in two weeks! The mom isn´t able to be baptized yet but she is working on getting divorced and to casarse (get married) with her boyfriend that she is living with right now.

So we got a lot of investigators in our pool right now and its looking good for the future! On the other side of the news it is getting hot! It got up to 30ยบ yesterday and humid and its only going to get hotter! We got to the pench last night and got up on the roof and saw the storm come in. Pretty rad but then it started to rain but we just chilled in the pench before bed. I went on divisions with the Zone Leaders Wednesday and something hilarious happened... well to me but he asked me to come over and light the oven and I did but he left the gas on a little too much and a huge fireball came out and a tad of my eyebrow is fried along with some arm hair, haha. Don't worry Mom, I'm all good just a little mission crazyness. Also we bought some slingshots from some kids in the street. Well he is actually a member but he's a street rat, hah. For 2 pesos we bought the ¨best slingshots in the world¨ I am proud to say I am officially funding the slingshot business of Buenos Aires. What's more? Maxi our dog is doing great and loving everytime we come home from a long day of work. That's about it for the excited part of the week. Not everyday is super exciting but that's about it!

Love you guys.

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