23 January 2012

It´s starting to hit me how fast the time passes by in the mission. At the end of the week I´ll only have 6 more weeks left here as a missionary so I´m really sad. Besides that we are still working hard that ever and I´m loving my mission. This weekend we were able to have 5 baptisms!! It really was a blessing to see them enter into the waters of baptism. The day didn´t start off that well because we both woke up really sick from heat sickness. It was a blazing 43º (104º) on Friday and we got to the apartment dead tired drank a lot of water then went to bed. We woke up really sick and without any energy but we still had to get everything ready for the baptism and work work work! We had to travel to another area to look for some baptism clothes then we came back to fill up the font and clean up the capilla. We do so much here! It would be nice to have some help :P I´m always grateful for the strong functioning church back home hah.

So with everything ready Juan Carlos, Milagros, Claudia, Jesus and Celete all arrived for the baptism but guess what.. the members weren´t there yet or anything so it was a tad akward.. Finally the Branch President arrive with his family of 8 and another family arrived so the capilla was fuller.. haha. These two families take up half of the attendance at church. Everything ended up well. The baptisms were done perectly and smoothly without any interferance and you could feel the spirit so strong. It was so special for me to baptize milagros because she is so special for me. Seing her enter into the baptism font with her face of being nervious but also looking up at me confidently hit me so strong. She really is going to be such a strong member of the church and I love her dearly. It reminded me of baptizing McKenna. Days that you will never forget. At the end of the baptism Jesus and Milagros gave us notes and Milagros told me ¨ Te quiero mucho y gracias por ser mi amigo favorito¨

On sunday 4 of the 5 were confirmed with only Celeste being confirmed later on the next sunday to come. The family went to the zoo lol.

So this was a great week with so much hard work put into the missionary work and were able to see the blessings of our heavenly father. I´m so grateful for my mission. It is so special for me and sacred. All I can say is that every young man needs to go on a mission.

Thanks for the letter and your love. I hope the package arrives soon and I can´t believe I´ll be home so soon!


17 January 2012

Hey I´m emailing today!

Sorry this week has been so busy and we didn´t have anytime yesterday to email because we had meetings and didn´t get back to the area until late at night and on top of that the internet cafes were closed because internet service was out.

Just a little about this week! The Flia Merlo is all set for their baptisms and the other two people that are going to be baptized. As we got to church on sunday after looking for a bunch of people without success we arrived to find out that 7 people had already arrived! Flia Merlo, Celeste, Juan Carlos and other unsuspected people! It was a blessing to know that these people came to church by themselves. Sunday we complete with 100% of the goals we set and the expectiva as a mision. I´m really tired.. more than ever but we are working hard and the work is paying off. We can´t fail because we have to set the example but I love pushing myself not because I want to get better but I love these people so much. I know through the revelation of our President we can know the ways the the Lord wants us to work and we will have success if we follow the ways, be obedient and be diligent. I have gained a big testimony on working hard and being a líder.

I love you guys so much and hopefuly I will have more time to talk next monday :)

09 January 2012

Just letting you guys know that it is soo hot today and humid. Just walking outside is like an oven with humidity. Just constant sweating.. I love it haha. Besides that the week has been really productive and we are seeing many miracles this week in the area. At the start of the week we had to go on divisions with some Elders in our area. They are the farthest area in our zone so it is about a 1 and a half hour train ride to get to their area. It is really beatiful out there and a lot of rich people are there so you can expect how it is. I had to do an interview for a baptism candidate and everything worked out and she was baptized this weekend! We have been traveling and working super hard and I can feel it. I was super tired this morning and I am ready for a good nap today when we get home with the ventilador on full blast.

Right now we have a great pool of investigators. We had 6 people come to church this week. I am really excited for the progress that we are having with the investigators. One of our investigators has had a problem smoking for 25 years but apprently he does not have the craving anymore and its due to the gospel in his life. He is excited to be baptized and will be a strong lider in the future. Flia Merlo had family come over until 4 in the morning but The mom and Milagros came to church anyways after a good morning call at 9 oclock haha. She said she woke up at 8:30 but was contemplating on not going to church but when she came to church she said thanks for calling and that god wants her to be here. Milagros is just the cutest girl ever! We are like best friends and I cannot wait to see this family baptized. We have another family that is going to get married soon but the mom has to get surgery this week so they are just waiting for that to work out but we gave her a blessing and she feels really protected right now. Just so many great people and they are all progressing! It pays off when you work really hard because satan is working his hardest too. I just care for these people so much! You wake up thinking about them, during the day you think about them and at night you think about them. I cannot believe I have 2 months left.. Time flys and I have to finish off strong.

We found a dog this week that doesnt have the top of his nose lol. I am getting super dark here. People cross me as Latin. So when I get home I will be black lol.

Love you guys,

02 January 2012

Sorry I don´t have anytime but this week has been super busy! We traveled to Lujan and Mercedes to supervise the elders in every area. We reviewed their work and their penches and were able to see the Cathedral of Lujan! This is the place everyone worships the Virgin de Lujan!! The traveling and work has taken all the energy from us but we still worked really hard and we are seeing a lot of success in the area. As for Milagros and her family they are all wanting to come to church and be baptized. This family is so amazing and I can´t wait to see them enter into the waters of baptism. Milagros is like my little sister here she loves me haha. They werent able to come to church this week because they had visits for the new year. This week ahead we are going to have a lot of success but we are going to work super hard!!

That´s about it. Sorry that I don´t have that much time but it´s super hot and we are sweating all the time, even at night. The work is progressing a lot. We had a passing away of a hermano here named Hno. Curriese. He loved the missionies so much and passed away Saturday morning. We talked to him on Friday night in the capilla for an hour and he told us how he loved his family and wife so much and the missionaries. It was like he was despidiendose. He said he wanted me to say hello to you guys. He was a great man.

I was wondering if you guys could send me a quick letter with some Stickers from Desert Book for Milagros. She wants to decorate her Book of Mormon

Love you guys so much and we´ll be in touch later!