02 January 2012

Sorry I don´t have anytime but this week has been super busy! We traveled to Lujan and Mercedes to supervise the elders in every area. We reviewed their work and their penches and were able to see the Cathedral of Lujan! This is the place everyone worships the Virgin de Lujan!! The traveling and work has taken all the energy from us but we still worked really hard and we are seeing a lot of success in the area. As for Milagros and her family they are all wanting to come to church and be baptized. This family is so amazing and I can´t wait to see them enter into the waters of baptism. Milagros is like my little sister here she loves me haha. They werent able to come to church this week because they had visits for the new year. This week ahead we are going to have a lot of success but we are going to work super hard!!

That´s about it. Sorry that I don´t have that much time but it´s super hot and we are sweating all the time, even at night. The work is progressing a lot. We had a passing away of a hermano here named Hno. Curriese. He loved the missionies so much and passed away Saturday morning. We talked to him on Friday night in the capilla for an hour and he told us how he loved his family and wife so much and the missionaries. It was like he was despidiendose. He said he wanted me to say hello to you guys. He was a great man.

I was wondering if you guys could send me a quick letter with some Stickers from Desert Book for Milagros. She wants to decorate her Book of Mormon

Love you guys so much and we´ll be in touch later!

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