17 January 2012

Hey I´m emailing today!

Sorry this week has been so busy and we didn´t have anytime yesterday to email because we had meetings and didn´t get back to the area until late at night and on top of that the internet cafes were closed because internet service was out.

Just a little about this week! The Flia Merlo is all set for their baptisms and the other two people that are going to be baptized. As we got to church on sunday after looking for a bunch of people without success we arrived to find out that 7 people had already arrived! Flia Merlo, Celeste, Juan Carlos and other unsuspected people! It was a blessing to know that these people came to church by themselves. Sunday we complete with 100% of the goals we set and the expectiva as a mision. I´m really tired.. more than ever but we are working hard and the work is paying off. We can´t fail because we have to set the example but I love pushing myself not because I want to get better but I love these people so much. I know through the revelation of our President we can know the ways the the Lord wants us to work and we will have success if we follow the ways, be obedient and be diligent. I have gained a big testimony on working hard and being a líder.

I love you guys so much and hopefuly I will have more time to talk next monday :)

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