26 December 2011

Thanks for the letter and it was amazing to talk with you guys this week.

I would like to share an experiencia that happened this week. With one of our families that we are teaching she has been praying for an answer and she said in her dream that she saw her mother and sister who have passed away dressed in white and they hugged her. She said she felt a warm feeling and woke up with an emense joy. She told us the next visit she knows that these things are true and she came to us to church with her two kids Milagros and Jesus who are the cutest kids. Milagros is 11 but she has so much responsibility in the house and is just so cute! I´ll have pictures next week

It´s just amazing to be here working HARD but being able to see the miracles first hand. Thank you for all the suport you guys give me and I can´t wait to see you guys when I get home!

Have a great time in Newport for new years. I´ll be passing through another world war 3 here with all the fireworks hah

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