05 December 2011

Sorry I don´t have much time to write today we are really busy but the week wen´t really well. We are tearing up the area and are finding new people! Probably the highlight of the week was our english class. We had 35 people come and most of them where teenagers and kids. So there is a house behind the chapel and while we were playing basketball with our investigators all these kids started yelling at us and wondering if they could come play. Like 11 kids hoped over this fence Sandlot style and started playing with us. They were super stoked and wanted to come to the ingles class the next day so we had all these people for the ingles class! Crazy stuff.

We have a lot of baptisms planned out for this month and we are super excited to keep working hard. It´s getting pretty hot but you just have to keep working! You are constantly sweating though so it´s pretty gross lol. Today I bought the hair machine so I´ll be getting a pretty gnarly haircut by myself if a member can´t do it. I´ve already done it before so it shouldn´t be that hard.

That´s about it. My mind is really blank right now because I´m super tired from working a lot this week. Random things start popping into my head lol. Don´t worry I write in my journal every night so I´m not loosing anything :)

Love you guys and hope you have a great time leading up to Chirstmas. Here I´ll just be dying from the heat, hearing loud music and fireworks.

PS. Boca won last night!


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