28 November 2011

I can´t believe that Thanksgiving passed by beause really the time flies by here in the Mission. I hope you all had a great day and next year we will have thanksgiving together!

Well this week was a solid week with a lot of hard work. We topped the charts in stats and the hard worked payed off. It was sooo hot this week it was crazy. Just walking and sweating all day and even at night. Even in the pench it´s hot and lucky us.. we have a pretty lame fan that doesn´t throw air worth anything hah. The joys of the mission. Besides that the week went great with the hard work paying off. We´ll I should probably go over the highlights of the week right? Well we have English Classes every saturday for two hours and like 12 random people came hah. It was sweet and they all want to come back next week. One of the students came to church this week so this is a great tool to help the mission work. We found an amazing family this week. We were passing by like any other day but we left a folleto with her last week and we decided to pass by this week. She said she was catholic and didn´t want anything but she accepted it and we went on our way. The second time we passes by the kids were playing BASEBALL?! yeah it´s crazy.. Argentines playing baseball? So I had to start playing with them and that opened the door to their house and we talked with the mom and shared the plan of salvation. At first she was a bit hard but at the end she softened up and realized that these things are true. We made plans to have all of the come to church and they were all stoked. Ends up the husband doesn´t want anything to do with us and said they cannot go to church. Heart Breaker! That killed me because this family is sooo dope. We just have to work and get to know the father. We passed by saturday night to see how there plans were to come to church and the mom ( Graciela) was like.. I talked with my husband and he said no..

The standard goal for the mission is to have 5 people in church. We had three people right before sacrament meeting and we were pretty let down because we were working so hard and reached all of our goals for the week. We offered a prayer in one of the empty class rooms and we had a miracle. Two random people showed up that went to the church in another area two weeks ago came here this sunday. The mother of 22 with 3 kids loved the church and her mother in law said it was beautiful as well. Wow.. I´m still stunned on how this happened and I´m thankful so much for our Heavnly Father for giving us this blessing. We worked hard and it payed off.

So after a long, HOT week we reached all our goals. Had success in the area and felt the blessings of our Heavly Father. It´s crazy how we are almost in Decemeber. I´m greatful to be in the mission!


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