01 November 2011

Whats up everyone! Thank you for the email fam. You guys are the best and sounds like everyone is doing good back home.

Well this week has been a crazy workful week leading up to the baptism we had yesterday. Damian and Matias were baptized this Sunday and it was soo great! These kids are like my family and this whole family is just amazing. We´ve been working with them for about 3 months and finally everything worked out. After working so hard in the area we are having success and it is a great feeling. I´ll send some pictures over of the baptism. I can´t wait to see this family go through the temple! So today we had an asado with the district and we bought like 60 pesos worth of meat which could feed any hungry missionary. It was heaven like always then after we played some futbol. Americans vs. Latinos... yeah you can guess who won on that one haha.

This week we have a sweet schedule. It looks like I´ll be heading out from the area so some families want to do some farewell things. Tomorrow we have another ASADO (boss) and Wednesday night we are going to have an American BBQ (with hamburgers) at the home of Pablo and his family. I seriously love the people here and will always carry them close to my heart like everyone else in the zones I have been in. It´s amazing to receive letters from converts that have made it to one year as a member and tell you how much their live has been blessed and they are going strong in the church with callings. It just makes the hard work seem like nothing because the happiness you feel is beyond measure.

We ordered a huge pizza this week and with other random orders when we are starving at the pench. Elder Nesbit is hilarious and we already have a lot of inside jokes. We always have trouble falling asleep at night because we always talk, even if we are dead serious about falling asleep... I´ll miss him alot!

4 months left in the mish... all the elders that have my same time are all telling me how it flys by. I remember I came into the mission with Reese having like 3 months left... it´s just a weird feeling! I don´t want it to end yet.. so I´ll be working hard til the end.

That's about it. Just a super gnarly week and on top of that two baptisms of the two coolest kids.

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