24 October 2011

Instead of writing about the week I should be writing about the day haha. Well we started the day off playing futbol here in Padua so it´s been a good day from the start then we ate some very chewy milanesas. After that we got back to the pench and ran off to do internet right now and we realized we don´t have money haha. Good thing we have a good realation with the owner of the cyber and he said we can pay him back later. He´s dope

Well this past week has been a full week! It´s hard to think right now becuase I have a killer headache and I´ve been sick the last couple of days but I got some good medication from an investigator that is in the medicine field. Good stuff! They are going to have a baby in 2 months so we were able to see the video in 4D from the ultrasound and they are stoked that I will be here in Argentina to see it! I can´t wait to come back and visit this family. We are going to be baptising their two sons this weekend and eventually the father after the paper work getings all worked out with his wife. I´m not a fan of 3 year divorce waiting periods...

So this is probably my last week here in Padua because the transfer is going to be over on the 3rd of Noviembre.. don´t know why but the bumped it up a few days so can´t do anything about that. I have a good interview with President too! Right off the bat he said ¨What has gotten into you Elder Shepherd¨... I sat there stunned like... what did I do wrong?! but he said you have torn it up in the last 4 months and has seen a growth as an Elder... Dope! He says he has plans for me so we will see what we are going to do.

Elder Nesbit is doing great. He´s probably one of my best friends now he´s a stud. Reminds me a lot of the relationship Cage and I have. We got some good things going for the future...

Well thats about it! Just another week in the mission. It´s starting to heat up so I´m down but when it´s dead summer it´s going be horrible!

Love you guys,

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