12 December 2011

Hey Family!

First this keyboard is pretty bad so I´ll have a hard time writing fast but at least I can write! Well this has been a full week with many new things happening in the mission. This wednesday we had a conferencia with the president and he is changing a lot of the work ethics of this mission. We are now focusing on using the members a lot more because really the work will advance a lot stronger if we use the members. I am really excited for the new changes and it really will make us a better mission because the Lord is having us change and work even harder because he knows we are able to do it. I´m thankful to be in the best mission in the world.

So lets see what happened this week. First it´s getting constantly hotter and hotter and I love sweating like Niagra Falls here because it´s so humid but on the other fact if there is wind is isn´t that bad. The dogs are still everywhere and they bathe themselves in the ditches with dirty water just to cool them off. I met about 4 talking parots today and the all know how to say the bad words here. I had to give a talk this sunday about missionary work but I only had like 10 minutos so I just bore my testimony and that was about it. The people said it was a really good testimony and asked me a lot of questions after because I shared some stories about the mission to help animate the youth. Ranging from Dogs chasing you, having drunk people try to explain their dreams with a huge machette and finding the most amazing people.

This week we worked hard but we only had 2 people come to church this week but these two people made me feel something even more special. It was a family that we brought to church with three of their kids. In Argentina it is hard to find families because the dads or either working or they do not want anything to do with religion but this family is special. They are super poor right now and in a bad situation but we have been teaching them about the blessings of our Heavenly Father and about the gospel and they tested their faith and showed up to church. Even the dad came in a white shirt. He´s a stud! Even though we didn´t bring the people we wanted to church seeing this family come was amazing and special to me. There is something about bringing families to church that you cannot explain. The mission is hard. I will not lie. It´s the hardest thing I have done in every aspect but you recieve the best joy and the purest joy along with the love of your family. I am so grateful to be here in the Mission.

Ps I cut my hair but while I was cutting it in the bathroom I was talking on the phone so I forgot to put the attachment back on and I cut a chunk out of the side of my head.. I look like a Argentina street kid now haha. So I´ve learned not to talk with other missionaries and cut your hair at the same time. :)

Love you guys and it´s weird that it is Christmas so soon. It doesn´t feel anything like Christmas here but being able to testify of Christ 24/7 makes Christmas even more special. I can´t wait for Christmas and this time to bring many people unto Christ.

Thanks for the pictures. I wan´t to see more!

Love you guys

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