01 November 2010

Tormenta Blanca

Another week down in Mariano Acosta.

So it´s been a pretty interesting week and I guess I´ll start off on Tuesday were we had a Tormenta Blanca in another area with the Sister Missionaries. It´s pretty much all the Elders in our Zone go and work in one area for a day. That is why we call it a White Storm, haha. We did really well and they have a bunch of new people to teach and they are pretty excited. They recently got sent to their area and the two of them are brand new too so they had to start from scratch. Also Wednesday was a pretty funny day too. Census Day in Argetina and we had to stay in the pench until 5 in the afternoon!! It was soo boring but we had some fun playing baseball, fooling around with this stray dog that is pretty much ours now and of coarse sleeping. It was nice to catch up on sleeping but really you will never ever catch up on the amount of sleep we lose on the mission. We named it Census P-day! The lady came by, clapped and we got censused but she totally butchered my name but who cares hah. I went on divisions this Friday with another elder in Marcos Paz. He's actually from Colombia and his accent is thick! Elder Hernandez and it was a pretty bad day to work because it was Raining... Raining hard but we still went out and we got soaked... I mean I was drenched like I jumped into a pool. So that was a pretty fun experience when it was over and when I was completely dry hah. The rest of the week went normal, working with our investigators and I have some great news about two of our investigators! They recently sacked a date for their marriage without us knowing! And they are excited to be baptized too. Just have to wait until the 25th of this month and they will be married! They are seriously studs, Yanina and Marcos. They have been coming to church often and have been really progressing in the lessons that we have with them. It's awesome to see them really apply the gospel in their lives. The ward here is really involved with missionary work too. We had 3 hours of just missionary work this Sunday. Elder Bennett and I gave them class the first hour then the 2nd hour too. Sacrament was under control by the Bishopric. A future missionary gave a talk as well as the bishop and a few testimonies out of the crowd. It was a great Sunday, a bit stressful but when it was over it was a pretty American Sunday if you ask me.

Well the weather is starting to heat up, the work is going great here in Mariano Acosta. It´s humid too soo I can tell the summer is going to be hoorrrribbleee. I'm going to die but what can I do?! nothing hah. Today we made BBQ Chicken Pizza too! A little taste of America... then you realize that you are back in Argentina hah. Also for Halloween we made some Masks... because we are poor missionaries and we have nothing else to do and we are pretty limited in celebrating Halloween hah. This week we ate a lot... they seem to think we can eat infinite number of empanadas and milanessas... I'm still human and I actually don't want to gain weight hah. Besides that, another normal week in the Mission. I can't believe it is Novemember already... it's flying by but at the same time it is pretty long... especially when the days are hard.

Well Love you guys and can´t wait to hear from you next week.

Elder Shepherd

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