25 October 2010

New Area - Mariano Acosta

Alright so I am in a new area!!

Mariano Acosta in Marcos Paz and I am companions with Elder Bennet from Boston Mass so he hates the Yankees so we instantly hit it off! I can´t believe I am in a new area right now it´s mind blowing. I am so used to Villa Celina and I´ll always say that is my Home. 

I´m really missing my old area and everyone but at the same time I am excited to head to a new area. This area is actually really strong. We have a strong, strong ward with everything working the way it should. The ward has about 120 active members with two people serving full time missions and a couple who served mini missions for 6 weeks. It was weird having to meet everyone again but at least people say, ¨Wow your spanish is good for just 7 months¨ I´ve been working on sounding Argentine. It´s difficult but it´s coming, hah. To tell how strong the ward is, we had 8 people come to church without our help -- yeah pretty gnarly. So the new area is more country side too. The area is so chill but it´s pretty big too with 95% of people being Argentine. No more Pan de Bolivia or other Bolivian and Paraguayan stuff -- bummer. I´ll try to send some photos next time because this computer is lame and doesn´t let me send fotos at all!

Well the best news is that Vanessa was baptized! I got permission from President to head back to Villa Celina to do the baptism. We arrived around 7pm but she wasn´t there. It ended up being 9 and it was time to head home to get back to our area before it was too late. I told them to wait a couple of minutes because I had to grab something in a classroom of the church. I really went and prayed and came out, got my stuff and left really sad. This baptism was everything for me and for her. We worked so much together and my wish was to be there for her baptism. So as we were leaving she arrived in a Remis and we held her baptism service! It really was a miracle to be there for her baptism. I never have seen her more happy before and she means so much to me to see someone come unto Christ like that. It was hard to leave after that but we are going to stay in contact through letters. She told me I was an angel in her life and that makes all the hard times seem like nothing.

Villa Celina had two baptisms this weekend, Vanessa and Bianca. I was there for Bianca but I am happy for her baptism and another daughter of God come into the church! 

I´m really missing my old area, even Hna. Cisneros came to the transfer meeting to see me go. That's how much they are family to me. 

But I´m off to a new area, it´s been hard to adjust but I just have to take it one day at a time. I´ll definitely have some pictures to show you guys!

Love you guys,
Elder Shepherd

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