11 October 2010

Vanessa Getting Baptized Next Week

So another week already went by in the mission! Well I think you guys know pretty much everything so far hah! Besides that I´ll just do a run down of the week... Well today for P-day we played basketball with the American elders in the morning and it felt so good to play a sport besides soccer for a change. Then we bought our food and went to the pench and chilled for a while and now I am emailing!

The weather is starting to pick up with the heat! I´m starting to realize that I am in Argentina and yea it does get pretty hot. It´s starting to be an average of 25°C with humidy and I´m pretty sure it gets up to 37 average during Christmas time and Enero. The dogs are still the same, they are so much bigger here in Argentina too because I really think they are bears. If they try to attack you or bite, you really just grab a rock and chuck it at them and if they get hit it´s all good. Usually all the dogs are pretty chill but there are some that are from the Devil. During the week we had the regular routine of lessons and everything and our investigators are progressing pretty well. I´m really tired of people lying so lately we have been having the short visits with the bold, basically asking them what do you want to get out of us being here!

So our best investigator Vanessa is so close to being baptized she always asks me and I have never seen someone want to join the church so bad. We just have to do one more interview and she´s in the font. We had a great lesson last night with her and she told me I was an angel for her in her life and the family told me the same thing. This family in only 3 weeks have become the closet family to me here in Argentina along with my converts. Also I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting because it was the first sunday, and let´s say the members saw a soft side of me that day because I knew I was leaving. These people mean so much to me, it still hasn´t hit me that I am leaving.  I have a little something for everyone that I am going to leave behind. I have already received gifts from the converts which means so much. I´ll try to take some pictures but I can´t wait to show you guys at home. A lot of people are like ok, I´m adding you on Facebook and I say.. alright in 17 months hah. Worth the wait!

Two more weeks in Villa Celina. So many memories and people that I love. There are three worlds here in Villa Celina;  the chetto is a rich area where everyone are snobs, the humble people that are all ready to hear the gospel, and the Villa where people have the hardest lives and want to listen but can´t make it to church because they all have to work. The Villa is so amazing. It´s rough there, kids playing in the street without shoes, water in the gutters that looks like something from a different planet, walking down a dirt road with everything outside drinking mate listening to reggaetone and if you are out in the streets at sundown you are surely to be jumped..

Man I love my mission! So many people have affected my life and to see people change to come closer to Christ is the best feeling in the world.

Well give shout outs to everyone in the Family! McKenna do well in school and work hard!

Con amor
Elder Shepherd

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