04 October 2010

Heeyy!  How is the family doing back home in The States?!

It´s a great time to be in Argetina, the weather is perfect about 20ºC and the mission is going great. Well to start off the email.. conference was pretty awesome right? Wow it means so much more on the Mission too and you really gain the appreciation for the words of the Profetas and the Apostoles of the Church. The first session was my favorite, especially the discourso of Elder Holland. It really felt he was talking right to me because I know that you guys give up so much for me to be here on my mission and I cannot thank you guys enough.  Even in the hard hard moments I am still grateful for everything. Thank you family! Love you guys more than I love Asados here in Argetina or enjoying the beach... haha!

Well the conference weekend was pretty sweet.  We worked hard up to conference weekend because we wanted to watch all the sessions.  We were lucky enough to have it broadcasted in Ingles. All the American missionaries all watched it in a room and we all had a good time. Inbetween sessions we went to get something to eat and some ice cream from Argetina, yea the Ice Cream here beats anything in the world. I´m always stoked to eat some because it's rare as a missionary to get some hah. But the best part our conference was our investigators that came with us! Vanessa came with us with her family here from Peru and she loved it. After the conference she kept on asking me.. ¨So Elder.. when is my baptism?!´ She is looking forward to her baptism so much! We usually get to teach her only on Sundays because she works all day but she has Sundays off now so it's amazing to have come to church then at night go and teach her! Every lesson is amazing and spiritual with her. She is so funny and enthusiastic too hah. Straight up Capa.

There are still more dogs here in Argetina than people and it is a great time to be here in the Mission.  Our ward took a Micro or Bus to conference for the first session on Sunday and it was awesome. I just love being with the people here in the Ward. They really are like my family and I love them. I have great videos to show you guys when I get home! Practice your Castellano so you are able to understand when you see it ja ja.

Besides that it was a great week. The days go by so fast when you lose yourself in the work. This week was great but there are always obstacles everywhere. Sometimes I was discouraged during the week but you just keep on working through it and be humble and get on your knees and pray because realmente you are always not good enough. I prayed for something to work out at the end of the week all morning and night this week and really something did work out. Our Heavenly Father does listen to our prayers and you have to wait for the answer to come in His time. Remember to humble yourselves and be grateful for everything we have! I´ll have to show the notes of conference to you guys when I get home hah.

Well I love you guys so much and miss you a lot but I look forward from hearing from you guys every week. Like mom said, it's the same moon so I get to see you guys every night before bed. Thanks for all the sacrifices you guys do for me and throughout my life! Love you McKenna!

Con Amor,
Elder Shepherd

Keep it real back home! 

Little girl from the ward watching the Bolivian Parade

Young boys from the ward at the parade

Bolivian Parade

Bolivian Dancing Ladies

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