27 September 2010

Hey everybody!

Well first off I was super sick this week hah. I got some stomach bacteria and let's just say I lost about 10 pounds, but I am not sure, but it sure feels like it. Well there you go mom, I had to get the bad news for you out of the way first right hah.

Well it's been a pretty good week besides the sick part but we had some killer lessons, especially with members later. We are really working a lot more with some of the members here and they are studs. Especially this family from Peru. We are planning to have some baptisms in a couple of weeks so we are working hard with Bianca, Vanessa, Daniela and a bunch more. But we know that usually only a few step in the waters of baptism so we are always looking for more people to teach.

Well this week was pretty normal. Nothing new really happened besides the progress of our investigators. We aheaded to the Salada this morning ( a huge flea market) and I got a pretty nice Manchester United Jersey for 25 pesos.. but its not like American quality hah. During the week we have this crazy dog in the Villa that always looks for us and when we does he seriously jumps all over us. It´s pretty funny because when we see him.. its like oh noo... Chickatine.. and sometimes we start running for fun and of course he gets crazy!  The weather is starting to heat up. Time for the awkward sweating in peoples houses now. I´m not looking foward too it hah.

Besides that, like I said, a normal week here in Villa Celina in Argetina. Still can´t believe it, I´m serving my mission. It´s hard but you experience what only a few people can experience. It´s amazing to see the lives of people change and the worst feeling when something stops them from progressing and they don't want visits anymore.

Love you family!
Take care

Checking out the score at local WalMart

Yummy asada on the BBQ....with a little dirt

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