13 September 2010

I am staying one more transfer in Villa Celina!! We got the call Saturday night and the funny thing happened...our zone leader called and played a prank on us and told us the wrong news!  Everyone was freaking out, including me! We eventually got the correct information and I am here for one last transfer!

Well what to talk about this week in the Mission?  It´s all a blur right now.. time is flying but at the same time.. not hah. Well we taught a bunch of lessons and have some great new people but they aren't really ready at the moment.  We had a miracle in the Villa this week!  It all started when we visited a past investigator and her friend was there.   We end up talking with her friend too and get a "date" to pass by. We pass by but no one was there, so we sat down for a little while outside of the house to plan. Then a woman from Bolivia came outside and started talking to us.  She was baptized in Bolivia and we talked and talked and she invited us in.  We started teaching the Grandma, mom and daughter. The mom and daughter (Bianca) aren´t members and they wanted to come to church! So this Sunday we brought the daughter to church because the mom couldn't come...but the daughter came! She even wanted to see the baptismal font. We have a baptism date set for her on the 25 of September! I am excited to see her progress but I know Satan is going to work hard!! Also we have some great new investigators, some in the Villa and in Celina. The hardest part is bringing them to church but we are thinking of new ways to get people to church. We are still working with our old investigators but we are always looking for new people.

So what more? In the Villa there is a part full of Paraguayans and I have learned some Gutanei so I can communicate with them better haha. They are soo awesome because they love to play volleyball and they are soo chill and down to earth! One of our investigators is from Paraguay too! Shows how awesome they are! Elder Kupihea left for a new area and we have Elder Bush in the pench now. He has made a good first impression and knew Crew Naylor in the MTC. Hah we were almost robbed on the way here to the internet cafe. It´s ok mom, getting robbed is normal here.. ;)  But I haven´t been robbed yet so it´s all good. It's been a rainy day today but the week looks good. The temperature is perfect but it's humid and the Summer is going to be suuuppperr hot because of the humidity. Oh and CCR is playing on the radio.. hah!

Well that's about it for today.  Have a great week!

Love you guys!!! - Elder Shepherd


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