20 September 2010

Hey Family...how is everything going?!

Well another week in the mission field but what a week! Sounds like everything is full swing back home, tell McKenna her schedule sounds crazy but keep it up!

Well it has been a really nice week, weather wise, around 20ÂșC average and a great week in the mission. The area is really improving and we are working really hard right now. So we have been working with the Family in the Villa for 2 weeks now and Bianca is super excited to come to church every week.   We already have a baptism date set for her but the only thing that is holding her back is that she wants to finish the Communion that her school offers her; but, she says she wants to be baptized! This week we are going to have some killer lessons with members and really work with her. She is awesome and it is going to be a great week with her and the family. Usually the Grandma, Bianca, and her little sister come to church but the mom of Bianca hasn´t come yet but she is planning to come next week. I have the word next week though... but whatever, we will keep trying!

We have an awesome investigator too named Vanessa. She is from Peru and knows a family here in the ward so she already has great support from them. She showed up to church out of no where so we jumped on that and we are teaching her now! Although last Sunday she dissapeared! We heard that she left Buenos Aires to go find work but she came back this Saturday and we got in contact and she came to church!  We had a great lesson last night too with all her family that lives here.  She had so many questions but we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation to answer everything! This family is so awesome!

So we are going to work really hard this week! Every week is hard but it's really a blessing at the same time. You really do get lost in the work and all you can focus on is the next cita or the next dia or whatever hah.

Villa Celina has been going great. The weather is perfect, the ward is awesome as usual and I can´t believe it is the end of Septiembre already. Time really does fly but to be real, its slow too haha. I´m not going to lie.. I am ready to have a good P-day of some rest because I´m feeling a little sick but I´ll be fine.

Nothing really more but I love my Area and the Mission. Hope everything is going well at home and I love hearing from you guys and what's happening!

Elder Shepherd

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