06 December 2010

Hey Family

Well right now I am enjoying the short time I have in the offices with A/C and emailing you guys. I spent the night here in The Offices. Its cool to see the backend of the mission.

Wow what a crazy week. Where do I start with this last week? Well last time I emailed I was in 9 de Julio for a little bit to stay there. Ended up I went to go work with Elder Baldomero in Chivilcoy for 3 days and I had a great time. We seriously worked really well together and had a great time. He is from Hawaii so he is already chill and a great guy. We tore it up with 24 lessons in 3 days and had some great lessons and sacked 2 fetchas with new people. His new companion is Elder LaTorre. But I had an amazing time in Chivilcoy and I am really wanting to go visit again someday. It really does feel like Southern California with a European accent. We had some great nights with empanadas, asados,and just talking about everything at night. Our window had a perfect view off the pizza resturant(that was super nice)and we just watched people hhah. Next I was sent back to 9 de Julio because Elder Baldomeros' companion returned. There it was me and 3 others elders and we had a blast too. I am sad to say but we didnt work a bunch because he was leaving and was visiting the people there. I got to know a lot of new people and for the 3 days that I was there I felt they took me in too. I already have a nickname and people that want to stay in contact. They all thought I was going to stay there but I told them I had to leave and head back to my area regular. I had a great time and I would love to go back to Campo.

Well Elder Bennett se va and I have a new companion right now who was the old secretary in the offices ( Elder Millard) so they just traded spots so I am excited to work with him in Mariano Acosta. We left in a hurry but I miss the people that we are teaching and we actually have a baptism this weekend and on Wednesday. I am hoping to make sure they all work out. I am pretty nervous to see how the future brings.

I was able to see Nelson Cisneros from Villa Celina in the transfer meetings. Hna. Cisneros made Milanesas for a bunch of missionaries and Nelson brought them and gave them to me to give to everyone. It was great seeing him but at the same time sad because I am not in that area anymore. I talked with Hna Cisneros on the phone of Nelson too, that was great. I really do miss them.

That's about it for the week. I can't explain everything because it was a great week but hopefully the fotos bring some actual proof from it. I received four packages at conference today!! Everyone was jealous hah. One from Soda and 3 from you guys. Thank you so much for sending me packages to support me.

Love you guys, enjoy this week and I will be talking with you guys in less thatn 20 days on the phone!!

Elder Shepherd

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