19 September 2011

Well it´s been a normal week in the mission hah. Probably the highlight of these week was how Elder Aidukaitis came and visited the mission. We had a conference with him this week and it was really good. I remember how last year he came and gave the mission a little shake up and make us want to do better if you catch my drift hah. I only had 3 weeks in the mission field back then but now I had the same opporunity when I have 18 months. I really took it in a lot more and he gave us great counsil and we felt the spirit imensly. He just makes you want to work harder and harder. He still wants us to baptize every week and we said we will do it!

We worked really hard to bring our investigators to church this week but it was one of those weeks that everything just didn´t work out at the end. You can only give your best and let everything else work out the way it should. Sometimes as missionaries we don´t put ourselves in the shoes of our investigators but we just have to keep on giving our love to them. I seriously love these people!!

This saturday we had a service project in Merlo at a hospital and it ended up being with the two stakes of Merlo and Marcos Paz so guess what I was able to see the members from Mariano Acosta! I saw the bishop´s family, Familia Diaz and more! When I walked in I came across Eli the daughter of the Bishops family waving at me and ran down and gave me a hug. I was so stoked to see them and I miss them so much! I realized how much they loved me and all the missionaries say the family always talk about me there.

This week we are just going to go nuts and talk with everyone hah. We are stoked to just find new people and work hard with the people we have. I´m enjoying the weather before it gets redic hot down here but I´m ready for another summer!

Just another week in the mission. We found the soccer ball that I accidently kicked over the fence of the church.. we were contemplating hoping the fence of the house to get it but then Heavenly Father didn´t want us to be stupid and sent a huge German Shepherd. We decided not to jump. Elder Nesbit is rad, one of my favorite comps for sure and he´s doing great. He´s from West Jordan Utah so you know mom.

Love you guys, keep it real

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