05 September 2011

Just another great week in the mission. We´ve probably eaten more meat in one week than even in my mission. I have a awesome kid so I have to enjoy it. Actually this Saturday we had an asado with a person we met last week just talking with him in the street and he invited us over to have an asado. That´s how cool Argetinos are. We finished up eating and we invited him to the read the Book of Mormon. It was more of a eat and talk session and he loved that. At first he was pretty hard to get to but at the end he really opened up and wants to read the book of mormon. Aparently his best friend from La Plata served a mission in Córdoba, so he already has a good connection with the Mormons. He gave us a lot of praise to be on the mission. So we ate really well! I love asados hah. For mutual we had two investigators come and they loved it and already have friends at the church. The family we are teaching weren´t able to come to church due to a birthday party but they are excited to come next week and to the activities of the church. We had a great lesson with all the family during the week and we challenged all of them to be baptized together and they all accepted! You could feel the spirit so much during that lesson. It´s an amazing family.

During church we had a miracle with an investigator coming by herself to church with a member friend. It was a shock and now she wants us to come by this Tuesday to have a Family Night and she really wants a change in her life. So the work is going great and my companion and I are really having a great time together. He reminds me a lot of cage with his personality and we pretty much enjoy the same stuff and music so I´m stoked about that. We are working hard together and I love being able to teach him and he´s really enjoying the mission and says that I´m a awesome Dad. So I´m happy.

Just looking forward to this week, I can´t wait to see the end results of all the hard work and I can´t believe I only have 6 months left in the mission. I´m stressin! I don´t want it to end. Also I´m not ready for the heat to come, even though right now it is perfect!

Love you guys!

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