22 August 2011

What a week what a week! We´ll yeah it is true that I am training Elder Nesbit from South Jordan Utah! I am stoked and he´s pretty much a great elder with a great personality, new of coarse but he is learning everyday. The program we have to work with is really inspired and it helps the two of us a lot! So starting off this week was super crazy because we went to pickup our new missionaries and we had a super awesome conference with President. He told us how he picked the best missionaries to train the new missionaries and how we will play a huge impact on their mission and their lives. So I am super excited to help my new companion out with everything. We didn´t get to work on Monday or Tuesday but we had a super great week. We led the zone in eficacia points and we had a Baptism this weekend of Rodrigo! He is a stud and I´m sure the story of him leading up to him are in the older emails but he came to church with a suit and everything and was ready to have a great baptism. We had a bunch of members support the baptism and the bishop said he was amazed on how great of a baptism it was. I am super stoked for this family because you can see how they are changing so much. There are more people in the family that are able to be baptized so we are working with the whole family! 5 investigators came to church this week including Pablo by himself. He came without his girlfriend Juliana because she is sick but he came anyways! He showed his faith and now we see that he really wants to join the church. So something awesome happened in Gospel Principles class when Pablo said ¨I come from a Catholic background but I don´t agree with the stand points but I know that this is the true church and I want to be a member.¨ He gave his testimony like a stud and I loved it. He is really progressing so stronly. The only thing that is stopping him joining the church is getting married. Stupid divorce papers! People don´t want to get married because the whole divorce thing is redic so whats the purpose of getting married when you have the same benefits and a married couple here? That is the problem we run into all the time!

We had a goal from President to talk with 140 people during the week and we comlepted it and I really did see the blessings from our Heavenly Father. We found amazing people and just everything is working out. Don´t get me wrong, 90% of the people are like, ¨Nahh it´s all good, I have my religion¨, but through all the hard contacts we find great people and I can´t wait to see them Progress.

I´m so pumped on the missionary work right now and I can´t wait to have a great full week ahead in San Antonio de Padua. Today on P-day we played futbol with investigators and members and last night we found a super tiny dog that started to follow us and we almost took it to the pench because it was so cute but we left it at a members house lol. We forgot it at the house but it worked out because they want it.

Off to another week!

Love you guys,

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