15 August 2011

Well what a week here in Padua. It was great hearing all the birthday wishes from everyone. Thank you for your kindness. I really don´t feel any older but according to my age I am 21 now hah. It´s crazy but we got some good things planned for the week and at the end of the week some baptisms. Your age in the mission really isn´t your age in real life, it´s your age in the mission life. I´m getting old but I still have some time to work magic here in the mission. It´s the best place to be!

Well looking back at this week we had a pretty busy week. Pablo and his kids loved coming to mutual but unfortunanetly they were not able to come to church this weekend. We recieved a text message saturday night and it said they can´t come due to complications. They said next week si o si! They said they have something planned for my birthday and it includes eggs... I´m pretty worried about passing by tomorrow night.

Rodrigo is going to get baptized this weekend. We are seeing if it is the right weekend to do it because here on the 14th it is voting! So everyone is required to vote and we are looking to see if we will have a good attendance for the baptism but I am sure everything will workout. He´s a stud and I´m amazed how awesome he is. Comes to church with his brother Gonzalo who is only 13. They come in Shirt and Tie and everything. Studs. Luciano is still set for this weekend but he´s not sure. He´s that type of person who doesn´t like commitments but I have faith when the weekend comes he will show up for the baptism. On the other hand his girlfriend will have to give him the frank talk.. haha. I told her that she needs to get married in the temple and she wants to. Just one problem.. your boyfriend is so close to being a member so help him! Luciano is a stud and comes to church by himself. We just need to have him jump in the water!

Besides that everything is going well in Padua. We are seeing blessing in many forms. Old investigators without interes are telling us they have interes again. One investigator named Tamara has been coming to church and we are planning a family night with her and her family. The parents havent listened to the missionaries before but now the mom wants us to come over and she came to church for a little.

Thursday we went to Capital and Palermo to do some dentist stuff for my companion and I had to go to get my DNI renewed.. unfortunantly it closed at 3:00 and I arrived at 3:15.. So it looks like I am going back Thursday! We had a great time walking around Capital and taking the subway. We ate at Burger King too! It was great having a burger after 17 months of not having one hah. It was weird seeing all the kids in uniforms and running into a Legit Addidas store and finding a Kobe Bryant Jersey that was legit. (Go Lakers)

So yeah I am exciting for my birthday that is coming up tomorrow. We have great plans, a lot of food and a lot of people to teach and bring to Christ.

I love going to church on Sunday because you have the chance to renew your convenants that you have made with our Heavenly Father. You get your batteries recharged for the week and that was just what I needed! I´m looking forward to this week and it might be that I am training the next tranfer. We will see!

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