15 August 2011

How is everything in the Family?

Well to update you guys I´ve had a crazy week but everything ended up fine. This friday there was a huge storm and it hailed. Basically the whole provincia got hit pretty hard. I was in Captial doing paperwork but there was times where it was pitch black outside in the middle of the day. Crazy stuff!

Looking back at the week we had some awesome Family Nights with families and everything was working out that we would bring 8 people to church but we completly forgot that it was the day to Vote in the country. Here it is Obligtory so everyone had inconviences and only a couple people arrived to church. Even though it was a bit disspointing I am super excited for the week ahead because we have so much potential here in the Area. We met a family of 7 people and one of the daughters is baptized but everyone else are non members. We went by to see them and the let us in and we talked with the mom and the youngest daughter that has three years. Super awesome family and I can´t wait to pass by this week to have a Family Night and invited them all to come unto Christ. Also, I´ll be training a new missionary. Tomorrow I have to go back to Ramos Mejia to pick him up and everything. 20 new missionaries are coming into the mission and President said he picked the 20 best missionaries to train. I´m humbled to be one of them. I don´t think I´m that great at all but I´m excited for this oportunity because it´s a great experience and the area is about to explode. I love when President speaks. We had a meeting with him this morning and he feels like a President. Just a straight up awesome and man of God. He´s giving me a huge oportunity and I´m going to do my best to make things work and train this missionary. We have a new program to teach missionaries so this is the first test run in the mission!

Besides that we will be having a baptism this weekend for Rodrigo and two more on the 18th of September. We have a lot more people to work with that are ready to be baptized. I love these people so much and especially the Family Diaz. They were able to come eat lunch with me on the 10th for my Birthday. I love them so much, words cant describe it. It even makes me teary eyed writing this hah. But I´m grateful for everyone that I know here. Also when we were heading back from Capital I ran into an old investigator from Mariano Acosta and it was amazing! They were going to get married and baptized but the paper work is taking forever. I talked with her and told her to get married hah so we will see. I wrote them a letter and we will see how things work out. Speaking about letters. Thanks for the letter from the family, I still haven´t opened it yet. I haven´t had time. Give thanks to the Hambrects and the Hamiltons too! Also Ragey and Soda :)

Well a crazy week but right now it will only get crazier because I´ll be training a new missionary. Not sure if he will be American or Latin. There are 15 Americans and 4 latins so the chances are in favor of an American.

Love you guys, Keep me update on how things are at home. Thanks for all the Birthday emails from everyone!

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