02 August 2010

Hey family!

How is everyone doing? I am here emailing right now and it is the beginning of a new transfer. I have a new companion!  His name is Elder Cruz and he is from Mendoza Argentina and can barely speak English, so it's time to talk Castellano 24/7. It will be hard but will be a blessing too.  First impressions are good but he is really shy and quiet but we´ll see what the week brings. It is a new start to the translado(6 weeks) so I´m ready to go work hard and start off the week well!

It has been an interesting week no?! A lot of changes but now I´m back on schedule but I still have to teach my companion the area again so it is a bit stressful. I've never been so tired in my life. The mission really wears you down. I understand now why they say.. You´ll never know what tired is until you go on your mission, hah.

This past week has been really fun. Elder Pickett was a fun companion to be with for the short time we were together. We had a lot of fun in the Pench and I have pictures to send you guys next week and don´t worry mom I'll be in the pictures!! We taught a lot of lessons and I´m learning everyday. It feels like I am climbing a mountain with the mission but you have to take it one step at a time. Castellano is coming along hah, slowly but I'm still amazed I can speak Castellano, what a blessing!

We have a promising tranfer ahead of us. Juan Pablo is on his way to being baptized. Tonight we are going to set a date for his baptism next week. We have a couple more investigators too. Lida and Elizabeth. Both are mothers from Peru living here in Argentina. They are so awesome and they are teaching me ¨Quechua¨ and I´m helping them with their english haha. They want to come to church and are really interested in the church and even have dates for their baptisms, but they dont know their work schedule. They get a call a couple of hours before and they have to go. This is what happened with them this week. They were not able to make it to church but she said they are going to go next week. Church is so hard for people because it is so far away and people aren't priviledged with a car here. It really is the bottleneck in this area. Without asistences, you cannot progress. So we are trying our hardest to bring them to church.

Well that's about it, just looking forward to this week. We had the transfer meeting today and it reminded me of 6 weeks ago with Reese. I wonder how he is back home in the world hah. I miss you guys and hope all is well. My birthday is in one week. I can´t believe it!! Miss you guys so much.

Elder Shepherd

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