26 July 2010

New Companion..New Responsibilities..Stoked!

I have so much to tell you guys! Wow here I go.

Well the first huge news is that I have a new companion! Elder Pickett. The mission had a flash and Elder LaTorre had to go to a new area to fix up the situation, and now I am with Elder Pickett. Yeah, I can´t even believe it still. We got the call on Wednesday at 3pm and had to be in the offices in less than an hour;  so we went back to the pench and left in the remis to the offices. Then I met my new companion. So I have a new companion! Elder Picket is from Murray, Utah.  It is nice to have an American companion, and he knows a lot of Spanish because his dad is from Argentina.

So with that change I am now leading my area! My head has never been so tired, I still have a headache and it is pday! Talk about a heavy load on your back,  ja ja. Well here goes the adventure!

Well I got sick, finally, on Tuesday so I was in the pench most of the day with gripe. It was a little case but I got over it fast and worked through it during the week. I am fine now so you don't have to worry. I recieved my packages too! Wow thank you guys so much for everything. I opened it due to the pressure of my pench mates but Im saving the stuff for my birthday to open up. I got the one from Soda and you guys. Thank you!

Well this week has been tough because I am leading it, so I´ve been a little stressed and worried.  My new companion and I are working well together. We´ve been having a hard time finding new people the last two weeks so we are focusing on revisiting new investigators. We have about 5 investigators but we really have to get them to church. Sundays always seem to rain so that doesn´t help at all either! We even went to the investigators' homes but the kids were sick or it was too hard to get to church. Well hopefully next week will turn out better. Catalino is more interested now and they told us they are going to come to church! Wow I hope it happens because if he does he is going to get baptized! I really want him to get baptized. The last 6 months no one has been able to help him make the baptism commitment. Just takes time for him.  Then we were going to help paint an investigator's living room (her name is Lili), but she has been busy.  Just so many obstacles for these people! We are so lucky to have everything so easy in the States, seriously. We have a new investigator, Jesus, and he is 18 and is a devout Catholic.  But he is interested and told us he feels peace. He said he will come with us to church. I can´t wait to bring him and have him feel the Spirit, the true spirit! Then during church this week, a random investigator came into the church from Bolivia, he is 20 years old.  He is the sobrino (cousin) of an inactive member. He is really interested and the ward took him in sooo well. He´s going to get baptized!

Well the week has been crazy!  We got stuck in a Bolivian parade for 20 minutes. There is a part in our area just for Bolivians. It was hilarious, a little dangerous, but I´m fine.  It was freezing yesterday and raining.

Elder Kamalamalama (L) - friend of Bret's penchmate,
 Elder Kupihea, from the Big Island, Hawaii.  Elder Kamalamalama is currently
serving in the Palo Verde Ward, Las Vegas Red Rock Stake

Well that is pretty much it, just another week in the mission. Elder Kupihea says hello and he can´t believe that you saw his friend from Hilo!!! How crazy is that.. small world. Was his name Elder Kamalamalama? I am pretty sure it was him but just making sure. How crazy is that!

Well, love you guys, I´ll talk to you next week and take care. The pictures are awesome. Tell McKenna she looked great and she is growing up so fast! Tell her to stop ja ja.

Elder Shepherd

Enjoy the photos!
This is the mercado where we shop for food.
Bus view on the way to the Capitol
Yes, mom, I'm eating tomatoes and onions!
Elder Kupihea and I enjoying a huge Brat!

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