12 July 2010

Argentina Lost!

Wow sounds like an interesting time back home with you guys. Summer really is happening! It´s cold here so it doesn´t feel like you guys are actually enjoying summer weather. Tell the Shireys hello for me and I love them and miss them. Yeah you guys are able to send pictures through email. Just attach them to the email and I'll get them! Sounds like a fun day at Disneyland! I´m jealous.  The Shepherd reunion is coming up too? McKenna is flying up to Utah by herself?Wow, how old is she now? She's growing up like crazy!
Wow time is flying. I can´t believe it is the middle of Julio right now. I´ll try to send Soda a birthday card but I can´t find any places to send letters here. I´ll try to find something today during P day. I´m looking foward to my package! Hah yeah the kids are awesome in the ward and Hermana Cisneros is taking good care of me. She makes sure we have lunch everyday here in the mission. Tell McKenna to have fun while in Newport.  If you see the Loerwalds, give them a shoutout for me. I miss Ollie and Sperry too!  I´m looking forward to getting the letter from McKenna to Marcella!
Well is has been another week in The Mission. Argentina lost and everyone knows it. The whole area feels like the world ended and if you were a German you would probably have died that week. I remember drunk people yelling out they are going to kill the Germans. It was pretty crazy. I wore my Celestial blue tie that day to make sure but people still notice me as an American!! Summer time I´ll blend in better when I get more tan, hah.  
It´s starting to feel like a routine now but at the same time it feels like you do the same thing every morning but once you leave the pench and get out it´s a different world. We worked really hard this week and didn't have the success that we had hoped for.  We planned to have 5 people in church this week but it seemed like everyone had something come up during our stops before church. Someone had to run to Bolivia or someone died in their family or their husband didn´t let them or they had too much work. We had one investigator in church this week and he is ready to be baptized this weekend. His name is Benjamin and he´s 10 years old. Only him and his 17 year old sister are active in the family and the sister is such a stud because she told her mom she is only going to the LDS church and no other church. They live pretty far away too but they are able to take a remis. Then we have some new investigators but they aren't improving that much.  We have a 15 year old boy with a horrible life and he lives alone with his brother because their parents disowned them. He is interested in the church and is taking the lessons, but didn´t come to church this week. Ahh it is so difficult seeing people not able to make it to church. We are so lucky to live in America. We are working hard and finding new people but they aren´t like Golden to be baptized, they are taking awhile to progress, but they are progressing. Just waiting for the right time.
That's really about it this week. We worked hard. Our zone is doing the best in the Mission and we average about 28 lessons a week. I´m so glad it is Pday because I am beat! We are planning to make a pizza today and rest, rest and rest. I heard there is a New Preach My Gospel manual coming out and we might receive it tomorrow! Wow, it´s pretty crazy!! It´s been cold this week. Today I can´t even feel  my fingers while typing but it´s a different type of cold... like the Park City/Newport mix hah. Every member thinks I´m crazy because I´m never cold and they are all freezing and drinking their Matte.  
Oh yeah last week I had to give the lesson for sunday school in church. I can´t believe I stood in front of a class and talked for an hour in Castellano! Dogs are still everywhere and running the country. I´m ready for some warmth and my birthday!! I hope I get an Asado from a member hah. I´ve already invitations from members to go to their house for my birthday. I love the members here but I still wish I knew more Castellano! Sometimes it gets frustrating. 
Well everything is going great here in the Mission. It´s hard but it´s worth it. Have fun at the beach and enjoy the summer.  Just expect me to be living at the beach when I get back. haha

Keep it real back home Family, Love you guys!
Elder Shepherd
(who's birthday is coming up on August 9th, hint hint)

View from the back patio of our pench (apartment)

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