19 July 2010

Rainy, Stanford, a Scare, But all is Good!

Hello Family!
Well it's a bone chilly rainy day here in Argentina. I´m in the Internet Cafe and it´s warm so I am happy. Sounds like you guys had a great trip to Cali. I´m still jealous but I´m having a great time here on the Mission.

Well, what a week! We had the emergency meeting for the mission on Tuesday.  It was just for some new teaching aids/skills to add to Preach My Gospel, so we didn´t receive anything new. It was fun to see everyone again before transfers which are in 2 weeks!  Where did this transfer go?

Then on Wednesday I had to go to the Capitol to do my paper work so it was awesome seeing the heart of the Capitol city! It really does feel like the Paris of South America. I met someone in the waiting line that is doing his paperwork to head over to Stanford! He was right behind my and asked the oh so popular question, ¨Why are you guys all called Elder?¨ hah. He started speaking English to me and I was surprised! I did the missionary thing and shared a brief message with him and then wished him luck as he went off to Stanford! Wow totally crazy right?

Here's the highlight of the week.  Basically during a lesson on Friday, I got a text message from a member.  I ignored it and wanted to wait until after the lesson to read it. Then I got a call from him, then a call from the Zone Leaders! So my companion answered the phone and I had to teach solo with the investigator. We talked about 3 NE 11 but after the lesson we had to run, I mean RUN to the pench! We got a call that the Elders in Villa Madero (other side of the area I'm in) were KIDNAPPED!  So we waited at the pench then we had to be evacuated to the mission office.  We ended up seeing the "kidnapped" Elders there, but they weren´t kidnapped but were robbed. It ended up that the man started calling people on the phone saying he was the holding the elders hostage and wanted 5 million pesos or he will cut off their fingers. So all the members and especially the Mission President went crazy! But everything is fine nothing happened besides getting robbed. We had to spend the night at the offices Friday night. So all is well now. It´s back to normal and we are working hard. I really missed my area and I was afraid that they were going to close down this area! I was devastated because I love my area so much!

The week wasn´t the best because of the interruptions to the work but we still pulled out fairly good numbers and we had a baptism! Benjamin Ruiz, 9 years old was baptized this Sunday! He´s a stud. His parents are inactive but he has a really strong sister and it looks like he´ll be active in the church. His sister wants to serve a mission too. She´s into the same music as me so it´s fun talking about music hah. We have some dates set for baptisms too but with the rain this weekend, no one wants to go to church. Hopefully next week we'll have better weather.  I had a great experience with someone this week too. His name is Catalino. The mom is baptized but she doesn´t go to church because she works on Sunday. So the family is not active and living the gospel standards.  Catalino knows the church is true but just doesn´t have that spark or testimony. He´s really awesome too, reminds me of Dad a little bit. Well we had a great lesson and I bore a super strong testimony about how Heaveny Father answers prayers.  He actually accepted a date for baptism. First time in like 6 months. No other Elders were able to do it. I´m super excited for him! I can´t wait to see how the next few weeks go.

Well that's about it. A rainy weekend but it was great being at church with the members. Mom, the Relief Society Pres says you´re welcome for feeding me. She´s a stud. She gave me a gift from the Relief Society as something to remember them by. I really do love this area and this ward. They feel like my family. Well off to another hard working week. Tell Claudia, Cage, and Ragan thank you for the letters, and Soda for the package! It was great receiving them!

Elder Shepherd

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  1. We just got word today that our son Elder Allen Pickett, got transferred to Villa Celina to be companions with your son. We also keep a blog for our missionary: http://elderpickett.blogspot.com.
    My son says that he really likes working with your son so far and they seem to have a lot in common.

    Paul and Jennifer Pickett
    Murray, UT