05 July 2010

How is it going in Newport?

It´s just another week in the mission. I cant believe it is July already and you guys are probably enjoying the beach. Lucky!

Eliana with Elder La Torre and Elder Shepherd
Well this has been a pretty interesting week but I´m mainly going to focus on our Baptism! Eliana was baptized this weekend! What a story because a week ago she had no interest in being baptized. At first we thought it was the husband but that wasn´t it. We passed by a couple more times to check up on her and see how she was doing and still no luck. We had a member stop by her house and she was able to boost Eliana back up and regain her confidence and said it was her decision not the husband's. There was a possibility they were going to get separated if she was baptized. So we were pretty freaked out about that. We visited her again and talked with the husband and he was totally cool with us.  He gave us his consent for Eliana's baptism! We were pretty surprised because we thought he was the problem. Well guess who was the problem? The Grandma... she was spitting rumors to her about being baptized. So we got to the end of the problem and worked it out. What a miracle! A week ago the baptism was off, and even 4 days before her fetcha was off. We just kept on being consistent and bold and eventually it worked out. She was married on Thursday and baptized on Saturday! Amazing.
Elder LaTorre, Eliana ,  her husband Herman , Elder Shepherd  
Along with the baptism it was a pretty good week. We had a lot of lessons with members and recently baptized members too. We are still trying to get Selana to church to get confirmed!  Her parents are being so lame. That is one of our focuses this week. Along with that we are trying to get another inactive family to church and get the husband baptized! He´s so cool but doesn´t have that spark like others do with the Gospel. He likes me a lot though so maybe I´ll have an effect on him with the Spirit.

Last night we were in a pretty ghetto part of the area and I swear we were going to get jumped about 5 times.  Everyone was drunk and just sketchy. It was at night too hah. All the Bolivian guys were drunk and looked like zombies walking around. You could have just blown on them and they would have tipped over. After finding the house we had an appointment at, we quickly entered and had an awesome lesson! There is a 17 year old girl that is a member there and she is a stud. Only member in her family.  She told her mom the only church she is going to attend is the Mormon church. Baller her 10 year old brother wants to be baptized too!

We had great lessons this week and celebrated my first baptism´s birthday on the 30th! Elizabeth's birthday was awesome, she made a cake and everything. I baked some cookies the best I could for her. It was a great experience to be with their family. Still working on the oldest daughter though for baptism, her boyfriend said he would be down to hear some of the lessons!
The town was dead after Argentina lost. It was a bad day because no one wanted to talk and the streets were empty. We actually got to watch the game at a member's home (Pres. Benton gave us permission).  The whole town was mad that day and for the rest of the weekend. They are still pretty depressed. I´ve seen kids just look at their World Cup magazines and just look like they saw someone die, lol.

Sounds great in Newport. It's like the same weather here. It's overcast and 65. The last few days have been pretty warm compared to the normal. It should be pretty cold right now. Tell the Gneitings hi for me and I´m holding the fort down here in Argentina. Tell the Shireys hi too!  I miss baseball games! We´ll def have to go when I get home. 
What  else... Heard some Bob Marley again, the Paraguyans are so cool. They play volleyball and listen to Regae. The ward is so awesome. I love these people and the ward is getting stronger because we have inactive families coming back two weeks in a row. I try to talk to everyone during church and I care for them so much. My companion is awesome and a hard worker.  I love the members and they all love me and always love to have me around. I have fun with them too hah. I can´t wait to tell you about the people when I get home and show pictures.

Still dogs everywhere and I´m loving Argentina. The work here is going great and I am working hard but also having a blast.  This is by far the hardest work ever.

Keep on reading your scriptures and being grateful for everything you have!

Elder Shepherd

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