09 August 2010

Happy Birthday Elder Shepherd!!!!

Well, here I am in Argentina on my birthday.... emailing! Ha ha!  Thanks for all the emails and wishes for the birthday. I got the fotos and they look awesome. Thanks family! I am lucky my birthday falls on a Pday.  So today we ran to Walmart and now we are emailing. When we get back to the pench we are going to cook some Hawaiian food with the help of Chef/Elder Kupihea!  He´s going to hook me up he said.  We're going to have a mini party, as missionaries do hah.  I got the packages about two weeks ago and they were in good shape so thank you!

Tell Soda to have fun in Kiev, Ukraine.. wow that's pretty sweet. Summer is coming to an end, eh? Have a good last trip to Newport for me. I´ll be freezing my buns off but it's all good, haha.

Well this week has been really hard. We worked soo hard, but at the end of the week the people just weren't able to make it. We found an awesome complete family in the Villa and they said they have been waiting for a message like this. They weren't able to make it to church, but that just makes me want to work harder to bring that one family to church. The members in the barrio all want me over for my birthday haha. I've got to spread this out so it will be a birthday week! Nah, all I want is for my investigators to come to church! Best birthday present ever. It was a hard week but when you look back I had some great moments especially with the members and investigators and just being here in Argentina. I still can´t believe I am here. It´s feeling like home now but not Home Home, hah.

So I have been working hard with Elder Cruz. I´m leading the Area again and I´m doing so much work.  I got a call from President this morning wishing me happy birthday and he told me I´m leading the area for a reason.  He cried a bit when he talked with me.  President is such a sentimental man.  I love that man. He told me to work hard because you are a natural leader. He also told me Reese was one of the best missionaries he has ever seen. Make sure to tell Reese that. I've got some big shoes to try to and fill (but in my own way)!

Well, it is off to another week. I can´t wait to work hard and find the people that are ready for the Gospel. Even if it is hard, you have to go through the hard times to really appreciate that one person you can share the gospel with.

Well thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and everything. It´s great hearing from all you guys! Sorry the email is so spread out. I´m super tired and ready to enjoy the 2 hours I have left of my birthday.

Love you guys so much!
Elder Shepherd or  ¨Sheffy" as the kids say it ¨´

Self explanatory
District Meeting without a companion
Real athletic creativity!
Yum, Pizza Time with Elder Kupihea!!!

Making empanadas at Flia Caranza's house
Elders Shepherd, Pickett, Kupihea

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