30 August 2010

Well what a week, what a week! I´m not going to lie it was a pretty down week. Everything seemed to work against us. We had a planned baptism this weekend but it feel through because Juan Pablo´s family is giving him no support. He is so cool but also he wants to wait because he told us he feels like he is going at this alone, just with us.   He told us that we are his only friends right now. Another investigator Lida who is awesome too just finished up her studying for a job at the hospital and she is starting to work on Sundays! Then all our people that we taught this week are not progressing too. It seems like a dry two weeks. It is really hard right now but just gotta keep going. Time to tear is up this week and find new people and work hard.

This pench (apartment) is great, we are working hard and had a great lunch today hah. We ate at a restaurant and had some good food!!! I took a picture it was so good. 

The owner always greets us we walk by, and he gives us discounts too hah. My companion is Elder Cruz, I am sure I told you that and he is from Mendosa, Argentina.  We have a native in our pench. The pench is still a 4 man pench (Elder Kupihea, Elder Gonzalez from Paraguay, and Elder Cruz.  It is soo fun hah but we work hard too. We cleaned the pench today too, it was pretty dirty haha. But don't worry it's all good now. Today we are going to play futbol with the young men in the ward in about 30 minutes and then rest a bit then get back to work. What more, the weather is perfect right now, somedays it gets pretty hot but the normal is 15 degrees Cº.  The Villa is going good, it´s still a shocker seing how poor people are here but at the same time I love working in there because it is humble and the people are real. But they still have that mentality of living in a free area. The people in the Villa are pretty rough and live a hard life, a lot of cholos too. This might be my last 2 weeks in this area!! I am sad because I love these people and it is my first area. I was born here!

Well that is about it. A rough week but another week ahead to work hard. I got the package from the ward! Love it, got the notes from the kids. Tell them I said thanks!

I love you guys and always look forward from hearing from you every week. I can´t believe McKenna starts middle school today. Wish her luck from me and I know she will be fine. I want to know how she likes it and how different it is from elementary school hah.

Love you guys,

Elder Shepherd

part 2

Walking in the villa at sunset is pretty amazing too. There is always Reggeatone playing and kids in the street. I love it when the kids come up to you because they know you are the Elders. Well time to work hard!

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