16 August 2010

It was great getting the email from you guys. Sounds like summer is going really well. Everyone is growing up!! It's crazy. It´s hard to think that I have been here for 5 months ya. Matt's heading off to the MTC? He is going to love it too. I had a great time at the MTC. McKenna is growing up so fast? Tell her to stop, she will be in Young Womens in no time. Yes I did receive everything in the birthday packages and everything is going great!  Thank you everyone for the birthday email and gifts.

Wow so a birthday week with the best ward in South America! haha. Where am I able to start? The ward is awesome and everyone remembered my birthday somehow.  I received a Torta from a couple of members and Hma. Cisneros gave me a birthday present! Everyone did something for me when we had lunch with them or just stopped by for a visit. I love this ward, everyone here are studs! One member wants to take me to Boca´s Stadium on a p-day for a trip or something.

Hermana Cisneros and her son

This week had been a hard working week but at the end of the week, no one was able to come to church! We had 10 people commit but every single one of them had something come up. Plus it was freezing so that did not help at all! We got up early to take people to the church but everyone we stopped to pick up was not able to come. Man, the hour of walking around and getting the bad new was killer. We worked so hard this week to find the people and to have them progress but at the end of the week it felt like it all went down the drain. It only makes me want to work harder this week! I´m so ready to bust the doors down and get people in the church! I wish the church was closer but you have to work with what you've got. It was still a great week though.  The members and recent converts are all awesome and are my family here. Everyone did something special for me hah, even the kids. I had some birthday dinners too. I´ll have to send the pictures another time, still waiting for the complete set of pictures to send you guys of the birthday week.

Well off to another hard working week. I just want people to come to church! They are so ready but it is just so hard for them. We found an awesome family in the Villa, we have a bunch of awesome ready people too! I´ll have stories about everyone when I have the chance to write about them but there are just too many people and I can´t write it in an email!

McKenna, I translated the email you sent to Marcella.  She is going to write you something this week.  Still waiting for the hard copy but it should come tomorrow, I hope.

What more?

The ward is awesome, I am everyone's son here hah. Everyone is taking care of us and tonight we have a Family Night with the ward, so I´ll have some more pictures to send next week. We have to do the lesson and games! I might even get my haircut by a teenager in the ward with his buzzer, who knows haha.

Well off to a week of success.

Take care everyone back home and keep it real!

Elder Shepherd

City of Buenos Aires in background

Cooking at our pench, in my In 'n Out hat mom sent me for my birthday.

Alley behind our pench

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