01 February 2012

Hey Family!

Well it´s already Febrero and this will be my last full month in the mision! Everything is going fine here in Francisco Alvarez. We have a meeting today in Ramos Mejia so hopefully I´ll be able to recieve the mail and packages that are there. Well we have finished a trasnfer and the zone did really well. This week the zone finished first place in the mision and we were the top baptizing zone in the mision this month. President is really happy with our work but there is always room to improve. We are excited for the next month ahead. It turns out that Elder San Martin and I will be finishing this last tranfer together. He will be killing me here in Francisco Alvarez. It´s crazy to be a ¨Pastor¨ its accomplishing but sad at the same time. I don´t want the time to end.

This week worked really hard and we are seeing the constant flow of investigators in the church and baptism dates. We finally have found the rythm and process to have at least 5 people in church and 5 people with baptism dates and finding new people at the same time. For the month of febrero we will be planning on at least one baptism every week with a possibility of 10 baptisms this month. We will be working hard to make sure everything works out! This sunday we went to look for two families and they both came to church with us! We passed by at 8:30 and clapped the first door. The mom was all ready to go and then we ran to the corner and went with a family of 5 to church! It was awesome! Then we had to run for the bus before it was too late. We arrived to church with a bunch of people and the day went really well. Hard work brings results.

Flia Merlo, Milagros and Jesus are all doing super well. We have been passing by there house often and teaching them and really trying to help them learn the basics and get into the rythm of everything. They are all reading a lot and have been coming to church every sunday by themselves. It´s amazing to come to church and see them there all ready in the classes and learning a ful! Yesterday we passed by the church to see if there were any investigators at Mutual. Ends up there were so we played futbol with the kids. It was fun and hah when we were playing 25 ( A game here with futbol) I made the final goal and droped to my knees like all futballers do and Jesus and Milagros came running and like tackled me! It was so funny. I love them so much.

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