06 February 2012

Hey mom!

Sounds like everyone is doing well at home! I totally forgot about the superbowl but sounds like Eli is taking on his brother Payton with more championships now. I´m pretty lost on football right now so I´ll just stick with Baseball and Futbol haha.

This week has beena full week and we have had little time to work but we completed with all the goals we set and the basic goals of the mision. In fact we reached 100% and more this week. We have been tearing it up here in the area. Heavenly Father has been blessing us generiously.

During the week it has been super hot and rainy. Of coarse we always get soaked in the rain and many people don´t let us in hah. When we pass by the investigators they let us in :) Shows how awesome they are! The families we have are progressing and the new family we found last week is doing great. The two daughters are super excited about the church and came again this week! One is 19, 16 and 8 and they all came by themselves without their mom and dad.

Flia Merlo loves us so much that if we don´t stop by the house at 3:00 on tuesdays or thursday or saturdays, even if we are a tad late they always call us and say ¨where are you guys!!¨. Milagros has been reading and she ended the book of mormon drawing book so I gave her the gift from McKenna on suday and she loved it! she gave me a big hug and says thanks to Mckenna. She thinks McKenna is a strange name haha. I seriously love Milagros.

So this sunday we had 16 people come to church and we have 9 people that want to be baptized. We have been finding new people left and right and this sunday there was a baby blessing so a lot of new people came and told us that they felt the spirit so strongly. We have some appointments with members and some of a new investigators, which are family of the father who gave the blessing, want to have a dinner with us and hear the the lessons! These new people look so promising! I can´t wait to see their progress. There is a 26 year old single mom that has been to church a couple of times a couple of years ago but the missionaries never passed by their house. We gained confidence with the member and now we have a dinner with them and her this friday! She said she felt something special at church and almost cried.

We are working our hearts out here and on top of that we have to direct the zone. We have been traveling a lot but Heavenly Father has been helping us with everything. I´m thankful for the true church and the blessings of our Heavenly Father.

This week we will be traveling even more around the zone to do some workshops and we will be back in our area working on Friday afternoon! I´m stressed that we don´t have time to visit out investigators but everything will work out!.

Thanks about it for the week. I´m ready to take a nap today. i´m dead tired and hungry haha. Thanks for the package it was great and the people will love the gifts!

Love you guys so much,

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