20 February 2012

Don´t have much to write today. We worked really hard this week but at the end of the week it seemed like everything just fell through with our fechas! No se something happened with all of them. It seems like they caught the ¨lie and say we aren´t home sickeness for the missionaries¨. On top of that it rained this sunday and that means that it was hard for people to come to church. So we are a bit down this weekend but we will be working hard this week to see how everything goes. It could have just been a bad day for every investigator at the same time!

On friday we went to presidents house to have a meeting with the zone leaders. It was great to see all my friends in the mission again! This will be our last time meeting as zone leaders together before we head off to our respective countries lol. I´ll miss these guys but the great thing is that we will all be in touch through tecnologia.

Today we ate lunch with Familia Guerrero at mcdonalds. I sent a picture! I love this family so much and it was great to see them. Santiago was born on the 16th of January and has grown so much and they told me great news that Juli´s divorce papers will be ending in 6 months and then they can get married and Pablo will be baptized! It was a miracle because it was going to take 3 years but now it happened to take 6 months! They want me to be there when they get married in the temple. They have set it as their goal to get married in the temple.

So the bad week turned out good and I´m excited for the week ahead!

Love you guys!

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