13 February 2012

Hey family!

Thanks for the letter and I can´t believe it is already valentines day haha. You don´t really look forward to this day on the mision haha. Besides that everything sounds great at home and thanks for the updates on everyone because I like to know whats going on. I´ll be home in 4 weeks! I can´t believe how short that will be and today I recieved my flight ticket and going away surveys etc from the mission.

This week had been a crazy week. As a zone we had visits from the Asistentes Viajantes to capicitar the zone all week. From Tuesday to Friday we were traveling with them to capacitar the areas.We basically ate hot dogs and kiosko food all week!! We were not able to get back to our area until Friday at night. It felt so weird not being in our area for a whole week and I really felt the need for having to care for our investigators. Being away from them and not being with them really does make you sad because you always want to be there to help them out especially when they are progressing towards baptism. Satan will always try to attack the people in his small ways to have them not come to church on Sunday.

So with all this captication it was an amazing experience to help the zone and listening to the workshops of the asistentes. Elder Guiterrez, an old companion of mine, is now an asistente. He´s one of the smartest gospel relate people I have met. He will be an apostol for sure.. I´m calling it haha. We are both heading home together. But I learned a lot and I wish I had learned this stuff at the beginning of the mission. But I am still applying what I have learned in my last couple of weeks to do all I can to help the investigators but also the missionaries in my zone.

With the little time we had in the area we still completed with 80% of the Key Indicators... some areas can´t even complete that in one week. We worked so hard in those last two days. Sunday morning we went out to look for our fechas but everyone was sick, went to the hospital, or couldn´t make it. So we only had 3 people come to church this week but that just means we will have to work harder and this week we will have a full week! I haven´t had a full week in a while!

On sunday after church we had an asado with the Flia. Merlo. So we enjoyed a great asado with all the family and talked with the father too about the family and we invited him to come to church on sunday and he said he will come! I hope to complete this family before I leave but I know he will take time but we are starting and putting forth a great effort. Milagros told me she loves the book of mormon mckenna gave her but she says his very hard to read haha but she loves it. I´ll take a picture when I can with her and the book.

I recieved my flight plans today. That was not a good email to recieve but don´t worry I won´t get ¨trunky¨

I´ll try to send some pictures over.

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