25 July 2011

Well what a week! The mission is going by in a blur seriously. I cannot believe that is already the end of July and my birthday is around the corner. I am pretty stoked haha. But everything is going well here in Padua. Right now I am a little sick but you just have to work through it. Today for P-day we played some soccer and then we back to the pench to eat some chicken noddle soup because it started to rain so it was one of those chicken noddle soup days while it was raining. Fortunately it stopped and now we are sending out the emails and ready to have a great Noche de Hogar.

So we are actually doing really well in the area right now. We have two baptized planned for the end of the transfer and we are planning to have 3 more. Everyone said this area is super hard but we are having success and I know this success comes from our Heavenly Father. People are showing up out of no where at church and it looks like next week we will have 8 people in church. Haha a funny story. We have an investigator who just never wanted to get baptized. So after church I was talking with him ( He´s 13) and I asked him so whats going on and why don´t you want to be baptized.. he told me.. well do I have to do anything more.. I told him ¨Dude you are ready bro just go for it¨ and he said ¨You know what, yeah I am ready. I want to get baptized ¨ Super rad experience.

We are going to have a noche de hogar tonight with Luciano, one of our fetchas, and also a friend of theirs named Tamara. They both come to church yesterday and really liked it so we are going to keep working with them two. Thursday we have a great day planned because we are making tacos with a family and we are going to meet two of their kids. The father Pablo isn´t able to get baptized yet because they are waiting on their paper work for a divorcement from earlier but once that gets done, marriage and baptism and then Temple! They are a solid family and the kids are awesome and want to come to the activities and church.

Yeah so everything is going great! We are eating well due to my companion who cooks really well hah and we are getting along really well. I can´t wait for the week ahead. I am actually going to capital for the 3rd time in 3 weeks to get my paper work done so I won´t be illegal! It´s awesome going down there. It will be fun to head there after the mission.

Love you guys,
Elder Shepherd

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