18 July 2011

Well this has been a cool week in Padua. Nothing to exciting happened besides that we had interviews with president this friday. He´s a stud and I can´t wait to serve with him for the next 7 months. In my interview with him we got to know eachother and we started talking about Newport Beach and Corona del Mar ward. He said ¨Are you the son of Shannon Shepherd?¨ and he told me I look like you mom hah. Small world. But he really is a great guy and really easy to talk to. He´s a dodgers fan so at least he isn´t a Yankees fan. His wife is really sweet and funny too. We talked about how you know her brothers.

We had a family come to church this week. Actually Friday night we made tacos with the Family Guerrero and they were stoked to come to church this Sunday. They arrived at 8:55 sharp and they loved it. It´s great seeing families at church. Their 3 year old kid was crazy in sacrament meeting. Running all over the place but everyone knows how kids are and it was great! I´ll send some fotos over too after this emial.

Also on saturady morning we had a service project at a school here. All the missionaries from the zone came and we had a great time. Basically we painted and knocked down a huge wall with sludge hammers. It was great swinging a sludge hammer again. I still have a good swing and knocked down a huge wall. The argentines were impressed haha. But that was sweet.

Right now it is raining slightly and it´s a cold day. We have a family night tonight with an awesome family and he are working with a boyfriend of one of the members. Hope everything goes well!

I don´t know what else to say but I´m enjoying every moment of the mission. I can´t believe I have 7 months left.

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