04 July 2011

Well I have some big news. I am not in 9 de Julio anymore. I actually have been transfered to the Zone of Merlo! I am in S.A. de Padua with a new companion named Elder Lazaro from Peru. He has about 2 months in the mission so I am practically training him.

I really cant believe that I am not in 9 de Julio anymore. I really thought I would be there until the 15th of August but apprenently President make a lot of changes this Transfer, especially in Campo. When I recieved the call I thought Elder Paxman was joking but it turned out in was really true! It felt so weird to go through the day knowing that I would be leaving. We had so many things planned for the next transfer ahead with activities and to have my birthday with the branch. It ends up things have changed hah. I had the chance to visit the families and to say my good byes. I was not able to say good bye to the family borges because they were in Jujuy. I was able to call them and say my good byes. They were planning a huge thing for me when I left for my Birthday but it will be for another day. I will be able to visit in 8 months and after the mission.

So after leaving the area I am waiting for that time to adjust. I still miss 9 de Julio like crazy and the area I am in now is so much different. I am definently back in Capital with the hustle and bustle of the City Life. I am excited to be here though but sad at the same time. My companion is cool, chill and tells me how the area is hard. But everyone says that but President said he put me in here for a reason to get the area and zone elevated. He said he put in the studs to rebound the area. We do not have any investigators so we are basically starting from nothing. I guess that is good though because it is a clean slate and we just gotta work hard. After a week I will be able to give more details on everything!

So last night we had dinner at the Familia Jaurez and passed by some other families. Ends up that my bus left at 3:00 in the morning so I basically packed at 1 am and just headed straight to the Terminal and went off to Ramos Mejia! Abigail a joven came to the terminal to say good bye ( usually the familia borges and her come to say good bye to the missionaries). She is a stud.I am super tired but I want to meet the people here.

This last weekend in 9 de Julio was awesome. We found a ton of new people and I feel like I left the area better than I found it. It was hard to leave it because we are getting so many new people to teach but that is the life of the mission. These people will always have a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to go back and visit. I am sooo grateful for all the blessings I recieved there and for just being in the houses of the members and the people. To be involved in their lives, to be a counselor in the branch and to give your all for these people. I really do love them.

Well time to get to work, I met President Carter today. He seems super cool and a great man. I brought up the fact that mom knows his wife and he was like No way! I will have to look into that!

Well I love you guys. I cannot believe this is already my 4th area. I will make the best of it!

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